Billick to Notre Dame? It doesn’t “make cents”

November 27, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Spencer Tillman of CBS Sports is reporting this afternoon that Brian Billick is “a candidate” for the Notre Dame coaching job.

That, according to Tillman, is coming from someone in South Bend.

If that’s the case, and folks at Notre Dame are talking about the vacant coaching position before it becomes vacant, that’s just plain wrong.  Charlie Weiss deserves better.

But let’s move to the story.

Billick at Notre Dame?

On my show this past Wednesday, I asked Brian specifically about college coaching positions and whether or not he’d be interested.  “It would have to be the ideal situation,” was the short version of his answer.

Remember, Brian’s still receiving the check-that-makes-Bisciotti-cringe every other Friday for the next two years or so.  The money’s not a secret.  Brian’s getting $4 million a year just for sitting around and looking out at the Wye River over at his new digs on the Eastern Shore.

He’s also getting paid “decently” to do TV work for both FOX and The NFL Network (and that money is deducted from the firing-fee Bisciotti is still paying…much to Steve’s delight.)

Maybe I’m wrong on this one — and if Billick is offered the job in South Bend and takes it, I will be — but I don’t see Notre Dame being “the ideal situation” for Brian and his wife, Kim.

They just built the place of their dreams over on the Eastern Shore.  Rather, Steve Bisciotti built it.  Anyway, Brian and Kim just moved into their home on the Eastern Shore last summer.

Would the “ideal situation” include moving halfway across the country right now?

I don’t think so.

And we all know what the Notre Dame folks will expect from Billick – or ANY new Head Coach.  Wins.  Lots of them.

I just don’t see Brian Billick being interested in the job at Notre Dame.

It’s not like his career resume needs a star or a golden arrow.  He won a Super Bowl, remember?  Brian Billick doesn’t need to go to Notre Dame.

Coaching in the college game and coaching in the pro game are two different things.  Just ask Butch Davis.  Or Pete Carroll. Or Nick Saban.  Or, even, Steve Spurrier.

Some coaches are cut out to run pro clubs and some are better suited for college programs.

Brian wouldn’t have to “re-learn” coaching if he took the Notre Dame gig — football is football, after all — but the work load in the college game is split between recruiting and coaching.  It’s tiresome.  It’s sometimes more competitive than the actual games themselves.  It requires A LOT of energy and enthusiasm.

I don’t see it being a good fit for Brian Billick at this stage in his life.

He won a Super Bowl.  He earned a lot of money.  His two daughters are out of the house and now it’s just Brian and Kim, basking in the glow of those awesome Eastern Shore sunrises…enjoying the fruits of that coaching labor that took him from Brigham Young to San Francisco to Minnesota to Baltimore.

I might be wrong…but I don’t think Brian’s road map goes to South Bend, Indiana.

I think he’s happy on the Eastern Shore.  Especially every other Friday, if you know what I mean.