Bisciotti: Cam stays, ticket prices remain the same, optimistic about labor deal

January 20, 2011 | Drew Forrester

Owner Steve Bisciotti addressed several pressing issues on Thursday as the Ravens closed the doors on the 2010 season with their annual “state of the team” press conference in Owings Mills.

Bisciotti showed support for John Harbaugh’s decision to retain Cam Cameron by referencing four hours worth of meetings last weekend in which John outlined his plan for going forward into 2011 with Cameron as the team’s offensive coordinator. “I fully support John’s plan moving forward,” Bisciotti said.

Ticket prices for the 2011 season will NOT go up, Bisciotti pledged, and President Dick Cass indicated a season ticket mailing going out next week would highlight plans for refunds (with interest) in the event the full 16-game schedule isn’t playd in 2011 due to the ongoing NFL labor issues.  This would typically be a year that ticket prices would increase (the Ravens have made it known they will raise prices in odd numbered years) but Cass noted that “teams around the league are generally holding firm on their prices” and the Ravens decided to follow suit.

While Bisciotti politely declined to discuss any specifics of the NFL labor negotiations and the prospect of a March 4 lockout, he did note that he’s optimistic that things will be resolved in time for the team to start training camp on time in late July and move forward with an unaltered schedule in 2011.