Blast Team to Beat in NISL

December 30, 2008 |

After starting off the season with a 4-0 record and beating Rockford twice and both Philadelphia and Massachusetts once by a combined score of 68 to 18, the Baltimore Blast appear to be the team to beat this year in the NISL. The Monterrey La Ra Za has yet to play the Blast.

This should come as no surprise to anyone who follows indoor soccer. The Baltimore Blast have been the class and pride of the indoor scene for years now.  From the ownership to the front office to the players on the field the Baltimore Blast have always tried to field the best possible players to provide their fans an entertaining brand of soccer.

This year is no exception to the rule!! Having been to two games so far this year the Baltimore Blast again field a dominate team that entertains from start to finish. This year’s team may be one of the best that President Kevin Healey has put together. The Baltimore Blast have a balanced attack with 6 players who already have 8 or more points scored on the season.  Machel Millwood is leading the team in scoring with 16 points. The defense is just as balanced with the Blast only allowing 17 goals so far in 4 games. Goal Keeper Sagu is leading the league in goals against average (5.14) and wins (4).

So far this year the Baltimore Blast have been dominate in the 1st and 3rd quarters; outscoring their opponents 26-0 in the 1st and 21-5 in the third. With this advantage the Blast have been able to force their opponents to play catch up which again is to the advantage of the Blast with their excellent defense waiting for their challenges.

As well as the Blast have been playing not everything is rosy for the NISL. The Rockford and Massachusetts teams are having all kinds of problems with attendance at their home games. Rockford is only averaging 799 fans per game and Massachusetts has averaged only 379 fans per game. This is sad!! Some club teams average a better crowd then these teams are right now.

As for the play!! I still have not figured out whether the Blast are that far better then the rest of the league or the other teams like Rockford and Massachusetts are that poor?? The game against the Massachusetts team I watched on the 12th, I still believe that a club team or an over 30 team could have beaten that Massachusetts team that showed up that night. I am hoping that the Massachusetts team just had a very bad night.

The Baltimore Blast will travel to Massachusetts to play the Twisters on January 3rd. Maybe the Twisters will give the Blast a better game this time around.