Bob From Parkville I Agree!!!!!!

August 28, 2010 | Marty Mossa

Usually when “Bob” from Parkville calls in I go down the dial for about ten minutes.  But the other day I decided to listen.  Bob thinks that there should be a statue of Brooks Robinson erected at Camden Yards.  And Bob I agree.  I’ll go a step further, I think every Oriole, Colt, and future Raven player that is inducted into the baseball or football hall of fame should have their statue erected.

Think of how wonderful that would look to have statues of Brooks, Earl, Franks, Artie, etc lining the walkway between Oriole Park and M & T Bank Stadium.  We already have one with Johnny U.  How fitting it is to start with him.  The one thing that I do disagree with Bob is the fact that I think Babe Ruth should get a statue in his honor.  He is the George Washington of baseball.  Babe was born and bread in Baltimore.  He grew up down the street from Oriole Park and played where the park lies now.  The walk of fame would most definitely be a sports fan tourist attraction.