Bobby Knight: I Miss Him Already

February 05, 2008 |

I miss Bobby Knight, but not because I liked him. I couldn’t stand him. I loved rooting against him. I enjoyed watching his teams fold in the first round of the tournament, as they have done consistently for about fifteen years That is those years that they made the tournament. But now it’s all gone. I don’t have anything against his kid. I won’t root against him just because he’s Bobby’s son. That’s not fair.
It is impressive that Bobby made Texas Tech somewhat interesting. Hey, the guy has a great basketball mind. But before you talk about how improbable it is the Red Raiders are decent, let’s talk about the better story in Texas. If you would have told somebody seven years ago that a new Texas school would break onto the college hoops landscape, how many of you would have picked Texas A&M? I wouldn’t have, and I’m sure the General wouldn’t have either.
But I will stop with my diatribe and turn it over to a professional. Here is the link to what Pat Forde wrote on I couldn’t have said any of it better (or even as good) myself. Incidentally, the title, “What’s Up Knight” is exactly what that kid said to Bobby when Bobby grabbed the kid, screamed at him, and got himself fired from Indiana. Anyway, enjoy the read.