Bong Water Gate Rolls On; Kellogg’s Drops Phelps

February 06, 2009 |

Even though Kellogg’s recently dropped Michael Phelps from their advertising campaign, all hope is not lost in his cereal marketing career. Maybe he can become the new spokesman for General Mills. In fact, thanks to, here’s a sneak preview at Phelps’ next marketing venture:

Joking aside, the picture of Phelps pulling tubes at a South Carolina frat party has exploded onto the international media wire. With this type of exposure, you have to think that this may not be the only incriminating picture of Phelps floating around out there.

And on the heels of being dropped by Kellogg’s, USA Swimming suspended Phelps for three months without pay. While Phelps will still be allowed to practice, he will not be able to compete in the Austin Grand Prix in early March, a short course meet which he originally planned to attend.

“I think it sends a message to Michael, and we’re certainly going to abide by it,” Bob Bowman, Phelps’ coach, told the Baltimore Sun. “He’s eager to be back in training, and looking to move forward.”

You had to see this coming. After all of the negative media attention and the unfair public scrutiny, Phelps’ sponsors were bound to bail and USA Swimming had to act.

While this three month suspension is just short of a slap on the wrist, it certainly sends a message to the general public that USA Swimming does not condone this behavior.

The good news for Michael Phelps is that most of his sponsors have issued statements of support, including Speedo, Hilton Hotels, Omega, Visa, and Mazda.

Hopefully all of this will go away soon, but it seems highly unlikely. Personally, while I’ve had Phelps’ back in the face of some ridiculous public scrutiny, I want to reiterate that I certainly don’t condone his behavior.

He got a three month suspension because he had a brief moment of stupidity, and we all have a few of those in our twenties. The most important thing is learning from the mistake and not allowing history to repeat itself.