Boo Tex, but don’t blame him

September 03, 2009 |

The Yankees once again roll out of Baltimore on a winning streak and this time they’re take 30,000 Cesar Izturis t-shirts with them up the Jersey Turnpike.  Mark Teixeira’s reception in Baltimore wasn’t nearly as hostile this time around, mostly because any O’s fan with half a brain sold their tickets on Ebay months ago.  I went to an O’s/MFYs game in May and lustily booed Tex.  I didn’t boo him for turning down the Orioles to sign with the Yankees.  I booed him because he said that he wore a Yankee cap to Memorial Stadium and Mattingly was his favorite player.

I don’t blame Tex or think he’s the devil for signing with the Yanks.  The Orioles were never serious about signing him and made nothing more than a token offer for his services.  Yes, $140 million is a lot of money, but it’s a lot easier to offer it when you know it’s $40 million below the high bidder.   We also know it was a token offer because it’s not as if that $140 million is burning a hole in Andy MacPhail’s wallet.  After Tex rejected the offer Andy went out and signed Ty Wiggington to a $6 million two year deal.  I guess that means the Orioles have $134 million to spend on free agents this off-season.  That should be more than enough to add Chone Figgins and Matt Holliday to the lineup.  That would constitute buying the bats.   I won’t hold my breath.

On a brighter note, Aaron Boone returned to the Majors today with the Houston Astros just 5 months after open heart surgery.  Boone had surgery in late March to correct an exisiting heart ailment that had recently worsened.  Boone, who went 0-3 today against the Cubs, certainly serves as an inspiration and a great example of the progress that can be made with hard work and dedication.  My Father had a triple bypass a few weeks ago and is recovering nicely, while dealing with an extreme amount of pain and discomfort.  To think that Boone is playing in the Big Leagues just months after heart surgery is truly remarkable and an example of all that can be good about America’s Pastime.  I hope Boone has a productive  month of September and a healthy future.