Bowling history made last night in Perry Hall

December 23, 2008 | Drew Forrester

A little bit (or a lot, actually) of sports history was made last night at Perry Hall Lanes when Rich Jerome bowled a 900-set, meaning, three consecutive 300-games.  

For the bowling-uninitiated, that’s 36 straight strikes over three games.

Until last night, it had never been done before in the state of Maryland.

And, even though local bowling enthusiasts are still doing their research, it looks like Jerome’s 900-set last night was only the 10th EVER – as in E.V.E.R. – recorded in the history of bowling.

We had Rich on the show this morning and you can check out that interview in our audio vault on the web-site.

The other miracle of all miracles is that, according to the O’s Communications Director, the Comcast Morning Show has ONE listener.  

Last night, “Chuck in Bel Air” said he received a call from a friend who was at Perry Hall Lanes while Jerome was in the process of bowling his 900-set.  Chuck then called in this morning to help us track Jerome down for his appearance on the show.

The miracle of all miracles?  A person at Perry Hall Lanes who was there last night knows Chuck in Bel Air and called him with an update on Jerome’s 900-set.  What are the odds that our ONE listener – Chuck – knows one of the people who happened to be in attendance last night at Perry Hall Lanes to watch Jerome’s historic accomplishment?

As Glenn said today during the show:  “It’s our OWN Christmas miracle!”

Congrats again to Rich Jerome!!!