Boxing versus UFC, you decide

September 20, 2007 | WNST Staff

So it seems like on a weekly basis now I am having this debate with some one- Boxing versus MMA.
I do not think there is any debate at all, I truly think that MMA and in particular UFC has now left boxing in the dust. Look at the last 2-3 weeks of UFC, you had the first ever unified title fight when UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Quinton Rampage Jackson took on PRIDE Light Heavyweight Champion Dan Jackson on free TV.
When was the last time that boxing had a unified title fight, much less for free on cable tv?
Then last night you had the Ultimate Fight Night on free cable tv, which show cases some of the real up and coming fighters.
Again when was the last boxing event on tv that show cases young talent?
Also last night was the debut of the new season of The Ultimate Fighter. Which is a reality show were 16 fighters via for a UFC contract (6 figure deal none the less), and lots of endorsements that come with it. Now I understand that boxing has the show The Contender on tv right now, but I will bet you that the ratings will be a lot higher for TUF.
This was suppose to be a big couple of months for boxing with some big fights, but a couple of them have either been canceled or post-poned all ready.
I just truly believe boxing has seen the UFC leap over them and become the new #1 combat sport in the world.
Really like to hear your take on it. Let me know if you think I am wrong.