Boy I Love Game 7

April 28, 2009 |

I’ve always enjoyed the types of sporting events where each team only one shot. One game to win or lose. Thus my affinity for the NFL playoffs, College Football and March Madness. When baseball, basketball and hockey get to playoff time, it usually takes a real good series or match-up to make me fully invested.

That is, until we get to game 7.

Game 7 means both teams have pulled all the stops to get to the next round. Game 7 means the two opponents are evenly matched, and it means we’ve already had 6 games to prove it. Game 7 means all or nothing; no more skating around one another or not hustling to the line. Game 7 is when sports are often at their best.

I bring this up because we’ve just seen the Capitals come back from a 1-3 hole against the Rangers to win their first playoff series in over a decade. And we saw  Sergei Federov score a late goal in true Game 7 fashion to seal the deal. That goal isn’t nearly as satisfying if it comes at the end of a four game series; it doesn’t get the fans as amped up for the semi-finals, nor does it give the players the rush they’ll need.

It’s one of the greatest things in sports. Boy I love game 7.