Boy Meets March Madness

March 16, 2009 |

In the spirit of my favorite time of the year AND my all-time favorite TV show, “Boy Meets World” – I have bridged the two together into a magnificent marriage. Below is a list of what teams in the dance mirror the image of the characters from the epic ’90s sitcom. 

Cory Matthews: the hometown favorite, the one everyone loves – MARYLAND & MORGAN STATE

Shawn Hunter: the rebel who clearly has something to prove; always with a chip on his shoulder – MEMPHIS 

Topanga Lawrence: the hot one you can’t keep your eyes off of (when 100% healthy, of course) – UNC

George Feeney: reliable, ole’ faithful, always a wise choice – THE BIG EAST #1 Seeds

Eric Matthews: good looking on the outside but not always bright – DaJUAN BLAIR & PITT

Alan Matthews: hard working; typical “blue collar” – PURDUE

Morgan Matthews: the weasel (potential bracket buster) – VCU & UTAH STATE

Chet Hunter: tired from running – SYRACUSE

Jack Hunter: wait…who? – CAL STATE NORTHRIDGE

Rachel McGuire: the pretty one that people many look past – KANSAS

Angela Moore: quietly artistic – GONZAGA

Jonathan Turner: always well dressed – (tie) Roy Williams of UNC & Bruce Pearl of TENNESSEE

Harvey Keiner: the one who never belonged in the first place – ARIZONA

Philadelphia: Home sweet home – VILLANOVA


Stuart Minkus: white and nerdy – DUKE



There you have it. Did I miss anything/anyone?

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