Brandon Marshall: Borderline Thug/Spoiled Brat, Something Ravens Can Do Without

August 29, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     It is very apparent that the Ravens could use a pro bowl receiver. Perhaps this position is the missing link to finally beating the Steelers, and moving on to the “Big Show”.   But I ask you this: at what price do we pay for such a super receiver?
     I have heard much banter on Drew and Nestor’s show about bringing in Denver Bronco star wide receiver Brandon Marshall.  The Ravens have tried over the course of the last thirteen seasons to draft players who have good character.  Now that doesn’t always work out that way.  The Ravens had its share of off field issues.  Does the name Chris McAlister ring a bell?
     Why would any Raven fan want to bring Brandon Marshall here?   Marshall is a great receiver, no doubt.   Now on the surface, Marshall’s numbers alone would want you to go right out and trade for him.
     Over the last three seasons (46 games), Marshall has 226 receptions for a total of 2899 yards and 15 touch downs. (Yahoo Sports, 2009)
     Now let’s looks at the reasons why (in my humble opinion) the Ravens should not get him.  Marshall has been involved in some off field mishaps.  He just recently was acquitted for misdemeanor battery in Atlanta.  One could argue that he was found not guilty.  But with our haphazard criminal justice system today, I don’t take any stock in his “innocence.”   Dante Stallworth got 30 days for running a man down while driving drunk.
     Marshall’s latest episode happened on the Denver Bronco’s practice field.  This past week he was suspended for the rest of the preseason for a series of occurrences.  At practice this past week, he walked while his team mates ran, he dropped balls instead of handing them to the ball boy, and finally he swatted away balls instead of catching them.
     Marshall’s tantrum is the result of a contract dispute. He will only receive 2M this year. He wants to renegotiate his contract.   Well I have something to say about renegotiating a contract that has been signed, but I will save my views for another blog.   I will close with this: if I acted the way Marshall is acting at my work place, I would eventually lose my job.   And believe me when I say this, I would LOVE to earn 2 million dollars this year.