May 06, 2009 |

“There is no way.”

That was the answer Favre gave when asked if there was any possibility that he would ever play again.

How big is this guy’s ego??  Even if he is just entertaining the idea of coming back, it is a complete fiasco that Favre feels the need to throw himself into the limelight.  On top of that, I need to question what the Vikings are thinking on this one.  It’s all about him.  he did it to the Packers, waiting until the last minute to decide on his future, and he’ll do it to the Vikings.   The guy is a H.O.F. QB, but it could be argued that he was the single reason the Jets missed the playoffs last year.  2 TDs to 9 picks down the stretch.

I am a big fan of judging a player based on the way he left his previous team.  In other words, was it amicable, simply finances, or could the team not wait to get rid of this guy.  I think in Favre’s case, it was the latter.  Look at what the Jets are left with at QB.  They saw fit to go with an unknown in Sanchez or Kellen Clemens.   Neither one is terribly appealing at this point, but the Jets felt both were a better option than bringing Favre back.  So what makes the Vikings think he will be their savior?

At this point, I think the question is worth asking.  How much has his legacy in Green Bay been tarnished?   Are we at a point where they may want nothing to do with the player that has identified the franchise?  I would like to see a poll of the town of Green Bay.

Favre seems to be acting like that friend you just can’t seem to drag out of the bar and it’s 2:15 in the morning.  It’s getting ugly and you know he is going to be miserable down the road for the way he’s acting, but he just can’t seem to know when to call it a night.  Know when to say when Brett…