Brian Billick in Ring of Honor???

January 05, 2008 | Keith Melchior

Heard something interesting this afternoon. Brian Billick should be inducted into the Ravens’ Ring of Honor.  I thought, "what a great thing that would be," but given the circumstances surrounding the escapades from Monday morning, I wonder HOW that is even a remote possibility.

He deserves to be honored. He was a very good coach and depending who you talk to, took us into both sides of the spectrum. He brought us both joy and pain during his tenure. He was loved and hated. He was cheered and booed. He was right and he was wrong. He had the best of both worlds.

You simply CANNOT put Brian Billick into the Ring of Honor, no matter what he accomplished as the Ravens head coach.  Although some may argue he deserves that honor, the entire integrity of the ownership would further be tarnished if they did such a thing. You just can’t honor someone you fired. It would be a huge slap in the face and major embarrassment to both the Ravens and Brian Billick to induct him into the Ring of Honor. 

Had the entire firing debacle been handled differently, both Billick and Bisciotti would have been viewed as heroes and Billick’s addition to the Ring of Honor would have been a great thing to see. A very warm and emotional "thank you" for 9 years of service to the team and the city. He would be easily welcomed with open arms. Even the Billick haters would possibly find it in their hearts to rejoice.

Regardless of how you feel about Brian Billick and Steve Bisciotti, Billick is now viewed as a victim and Bisciotti is the evil villain. The organization has no choice in the matter. They should not include any discussion or plans of adding Brian Billick’s name to the Ring of Honor in any future organizational meetings.

Even though I feel he deserves the honor, if they choose to add him, I’d really be surprised. But, after Monday, you just never know.