Brian Billick to Host TV Quiz Show?

April 01, 2008 |

The following is a press release from the NFL NETWORK-


NFL NETWORK- Former Baltimore Ravens coach, Brian Billick, has been hired to host a television quiz show in which current and former NFL players will test their knowledge of non-sports related topics such as history, literature, science and world politics.

Tom Dekcrit, assistant programming director for the NFL NETWORK says “Given his enormous intellect and on camera comfort level, Coach Billick seemed the natural choice for such a position.  He’s also much funnier than people realize and should provide the light hearted sarcasm a show like this needs to thrive.”

The network plans to offer $100,000 in cash prizes to the show’s winners with the proceeds going to the player’s favorite charitable organization.

First season contestants include Hall of Famers Michael Irvin, Lawrence Taylor and John Elway.  Current NFL players who have signed on to participate include Adam Vinatieri, Shawne Merriman and Antwaan Randle-El. 

“Going forward, I’m excited by the opportunity to measure the intellectual acumen of  NFL athletes” says Coach Billick who claims his quiz show role models include Jack Barry and Wink Martindale.

“Nope, sorry.  Never been a big Alex Trebek fan,” Billick responded when asked.  “I’ve always find him to be a bit disingenuous.  Same with Chuck Woolery.  I think Barry and Wink Martindale always had the perfect balance of showmanship, class and good taste.”

The show will begin airing in late April at 8pm.  Check your local listings for further details.

Below is a list of sample questions from the show.

History category

1) Who invented the lap dance?

2) What year was the Cadillac Escalade introduced?

3) Name three really hot chicks who live  in Gettysburg?

Science Category

1) What’s the best way to treat chlymydia?

2) Is human growth hormone a natural substance?

3) Spell the word “beaker”.

Literature category

1) Is William Faulkner a) a writer or b} Drew Rosenhaus’ assistant?

2) How many pages is the NFL Collective bargaining agreement

World Politics

1) Name four countries Giselle Bunchen has taken her clothes off in.

2) Yes or No- Is NFL Europe defunct?