Bring Cabrera to Charm City

November 24, 2009 |

As the Detroit Tigers search for ways to cut their payroll rumors have started floating around suggesting that the team would consider dealing All World 1st baseman Miguel Cabrera. The Orioles should put their MASN money where their mouth is and make a blockbuster deal for Cabrera. The team has been stockpiling prospects and cash for the past few years and clearly have enough of both to make a deal.

Cabrera has 6 years and $126 million remaining on his current contract. Those are hefty numbers indeed, but the 26 year old slugger is worth the price. In his 6 full seasons Cabrera has never hit fewer than 26 HRs or driven in less than 103. He has a career OPS of .952 and according to the most historically similar players to Cabrera are Hank Aaron, Ken Griffey Jr. and Frank Robinson.

The Orioles clearly have the money to pay Cabrera. In fact, Cabrera’s remaining contract is less than the supposed $140 million the O’s offered Mark Teixeira last off season and Cabrera is 3 years younger. The Tigers would want a king’s ransom in return but I think the Orioles could put together an tempting package. I’d present the Tigers with 2 options:

1) Cabrera for Jake Arrieta, Nolan Reimold, David Hernandez or Jim Johnson and a lower level pitching prospect like Steven Johnson, Jesse Beal or Bobby Bundy.

2) Cabrera and Nate Robertson for Arrieta, Brandon Snyder, Hernandez or Johnson and a lower level pitching prospect.

In option 2 the Orioles would absorb Nate Robertson’s 1 year $10 million contract and in return would substitute Brandon Snyder for the more established Reimold.

I’d even consider including 3rd base prospect Josh Bell in the deal assuming the Orioles reached a deal with free agent Adrian Beltre.

Cabrera is a monster offensive player signed for 6 years and seemingly available for the right package. Make it happen Andy!