Broncos vs. Patriots Preview

January 10, 2012 | Michael Schwartz

Tim Tebow and the Broncos travel to New England to face Tom Brady and the Patriots.  Not many people thought that Tebow could lead his team to a playoff victory, especially versus a very good defense like the Steelers.  This week they go against the worst defense in the NFL.


The Patriots are coming off of a bye and playing a very good defense.  The Broncos defense gets to the quarterback and stops the run well.  Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil will try to get pressure on Brady, and since he is not as mobile as Big Ben, they will likely try to get to him more.  They wanted to stay in front of Big Ben.


The Patriots offense was one of the best in the NFL this year.  Tom Brady had the second most passing yards in the NFL this year, which was also the second most in NFL history.  He threw for almost 5300 yards which broke Marino’s record, but Brees threw more yards than Brady.  Wes Welker had the most receptions in the NFL and the second most receiving yards.  Gronkowski broke the record for touchdowns and yards by a tight end.


The Broncos are going on the road but they are used to cold weather so that will not affect them.  Most of their players are healthy except for Brian Dawkins who is the leader of the defense.  The Broncos need to get on the board early like they did when they played them last time.  However, this time, they can’t stop scoring after the first quarter.  They have the ability to run all over the Patriots but their passing attack has been getting better, so they should be able to throw the ball if the run is stopped.


The Patriots defense has not been good all year.  They have had trouble stopping the run and defending the pass.  They don’t get much pressure on the quarterback and Tim Tebow has the ability to pick then apart if they don’t get to him.  He did the same thing against the Steelers because they kept their linemen in front of him.  I think that the Patriots will do the same thing, so Tebow doesn’t beat them with his legs.


The Broncos offense played their best game of the year last week.  Tebow had 316 yards passing and Demaryius Thomas had 204 receiving yards on four receptions.  Tebow has found a favorite target and Thomas can make a huge impact on this game.


The Broncos running game wasn’t amazing against the Steelers but they are great at stopping the run.  I think that the Broncos will run for over 175 yards this week, because the Patriots run defense is awful.  McGahee should be able to break a couple runs for 15 plus yards and they should be able to control the clock because of the run game.


Prediction: 38-28 Broncos