Buck is in the Yard

August 05, 2010 |

I know, I know. It’s early. But hey, let’s get a little excited about this. Mr. Buck Showalter has started his Orioles managerial career off with a 2-0 record. It’s not like we are playing the Royals, but a playoff contending team in the Angels. Grant it, it is a small sample of our beloved birds that might just be playing with a little hop in their step until someone goes out and gives up seven runs in the first two innings in a few days. But still, it’s got me excited as I count down the days until my fantasy football drafts, or the Ravens first preseason game next week, or even the free practice that the Ravens are having at M&T Bank Stadium on Saturday. Ok, so I might be a little more excited about the football season starting. Until the Ravens kickoff, however, it is still baseball season. And there is a professional baseball team in this town that I love.


All I’m saying is that I have watched the last two games with Buck at the helm, and I like how he is getting the guys to play. Heads up plays all around. Matt Wieters and Ty Wigginton were actually paying enough attention in the ninth inning to throw out Torii Hunter at third base. I have no idea why Mr. Hunter was trying to steal that base, but hey, I’ll take it. It just seems like the Orioles are hustling a little harder, paying a little more attention, and caring about winning. I don’t know if it is a sort of tryout to see who will be around next season or if they are genuinely tired of being the worst team in baseball. Whatever it is, I hope it isn’t a coincidence that this is starting to happen after Buck Showalter took control of the clubhouse. I do not know Buck Showalter, nor do I know Juan Samuel or Dave Trembley for that matter, but from what I have seen and heard from the outside looking in, Mr. Showalter was the right choice at the right time for these Orioles.  

I would like to see progress in this master plan by Andy MacPhail. And I think that this is a good step forward…finally.