Buck Showalter: The Right Man For the Job?

August 07, 2010 |

Well, I think so far the answer is yes. 4-0 and tying the longest winning streak of the year, right now I don’t know how you can doubt Showalter. Even before this 4 game winning streak I was a huge supporter of signing Buck. This is a very young team with a couple of  veterans, who probably won’t even be around next year. I think Hendrickson and Millwood are gone next year, and depending on development, Guthrie might be gone too.
This is a young team that needs a prominent figure that they are afraid of (in a good way).

Yup you guessed it, Mr. Showalter. Eric Wedge doesn’t do anything for me at all. Eric Wedge’s record (561-573) vs Showalter’s (885-833). Not only is Showalter’s winning percentage better, but he has managed almost 600 games more, and was a Baseball Tonight analyst. People may think this Baseball Tonight gig has no effect on these players, but I guarantee you that some of them go home and watch it at night. Now that the analyst from ESPN is their coach they want to impress him. I truly believe you are going to see a turn around next year, and then in 2012 they will make a playoff push. IF (AND THAT’S A BIG IF) the young players pan out and we put a big bat in the lineup this is what your roster could look like in a year or two.

SP- Brian Matusz

SP- Jake Arrietta

SP- Zach Britton

SP- Troy Patton

SP- Chris Tilman

And this is what I am hoping the lineup will look like in 2012.

2B- Brian Roberts

LF- Felix Pie

RF- Nick Markakis

1B- Prince Fielder

C- Matt Wieters

CF- Adam Jones

DH- Nolan Reimold

3B- Josh Bell

SS- Pedro Florimon Jr.


Manager: Buck Showalter.

I truly think this is a solid lineup that could put the Orioles on the Right Path, but right now let’s focus on the task at hand: Winning games, but yet still getting the 1st pick in the 2011 draft.