Buck’s Job Is Just Beginning …..

October 05, 2010 |

For the past couple months, we’ve been lathering Buck Showalter with accolades and compliments. Heck, some of us have even resorted to suggesting he’s deserving of keys to the city and the American League’s “Manager Of The Year” Award …..

I’m all for giving him any KEYS he needs to further the improvement of the Baltimore Orioles. As for taking top skipper honors, he’ll need to shepherd his club thru an entire season of overachieving to merit such reasonable consideration.

And, to be quite blunt, I’m sure Buck doesn’t care about any personal recognition, anyway. He’s not a “ME” kinda guy; which mirrors the type of ballplayers he wants on his team. I dig that …..

When it comes to his team, the REAL work is about to begin. The 2010 version of the Baltimore Orioles is in the phase of deconstruction; the components will be separated, dissected and meet an ultimate disposition of one capacity or another.

We’ve been led to believe Buck will have an instrumental hand in the process. He’s been led to believe it, as well. He’ll be suffering through the crummy weather on our plates over the next few months and he’s bent on being the integral component to changing the way things happen around the warehouse during the off-season.

God bless him …..

While I think Buck’s dish of work over the final two months of the season was pretty incredible, I do think the upcoming agenda will be even more challenging. He’ll be tasked with convincing Andy MacPhail TO CONVINCE Peter Angelos that this organization must dedicate substantial financial resources to improving the Major League product.

Good luck with that, Buck.

The Orioles obviously need offensive juggernauts at the infield corner positions. Free agency does not appear to be the ideal route for improving the team’s weakness at 1st and 3rd base over the next handful of seasons. So, perhaps, it’s time to play “Let’s Make A Deal” with another franchise.

Of course, we know excatly what a prospective trade partner will want from the Orioles system. Indeed, it will be one or more of the coveted young arms the organization values in proportion to the Hope Diamond, itself.

You gotta give VALUE to get VALUE, right?

Buck Showalter’s impending time as Orioles manager is about to get interesting. Personally, I gotta think he’ll make some headway in the growing effort to truly improve this team. But, time will tell.

Today, from 2pm til 4pm, I’ll be joined by Allen McCallum to talk about the Orioles off-season. We’ll also take a look at the upcoming playoff series’ in the American and National Leagues.

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