Bush League or Big League?

February 05, 2008 | Drew Forrester

Bush League:  Bob Knight — Unless he has a health concern, there’s no way Knight can justify quitting at mid-season.  Some say he’s telling people he’s “out of gas”.  How would he have reacted to any of his players who would have said that to Knight at mid-season?  He wouldn’t have reacted very well.  And, thus, his mid-season departure shouldn’t go over well, either.  I never thought Bob Knight was a quitter.  I was wrong.

Big League: Brady & Moss — Say what you will about their loss and how the Giants “wanted it more”, but Tom Brady and Randy Moss both handled themselves with class after Sunday’s Super loss.  They both said exactly what needed to be said:  “The Giants played well…we only scored 14 points and it’s hard to win that way…we’ll regroup and come back next year and give it a go again.”  No excuses from either one of them.  That’s the way it should be.

Bush League: The Mid Atlantics — Stringing Brian Roberts along like this is a typical move of the local baseball team.  The season ended in October. It’s now February. And they’ve been trading him off and on for the better part of eight weeks now.  I realize they have a business to run…but this kind of treatment is precisely why Roberts wants out in the first place. There’s no dedication to the players, or, at least, no dedication to the team’s QUALITY players.

Big League: Ex-Raven Edwin Mulitalo — He returned to Baltimore on January 26 to take part in the Polar Bear Plunge. He didn’t just hang out and sign autographs — he jumped in the frigid water once an hour throughout the day to raise money for Maryland’s Special Olympics.  How’s that for class?  The guy plays in Detroit now but comes back to Baltimore to help a Maryland-based charity.

And finally, today’s “BIG LEAGUE” move of the week goes to Morgan State’s Todd Bozeman, who are now in first place in the MEAC after last night’s home win over Delaware State.  Bozeman came to Morgan State under great scrutiny after his much-publicized slip-up at Cal, but he’s quickly transformed the Bears into a threat for the NCAA Tournament.  I want ALL of the local teams to make the big dance, but there’s no doubt a Morgan State entry this year would be the best story in local sports.