….But everyone is doing it!

July 22, 2013 | Josh Murr

We all recall the cliche “All the cool kids are doing it.” Remember back in high school? Smoking was “cool.” The “in” thing to do. Now what? Teen mom and 16 and pregnant fills the on demand queue. (not on my TV)

Shift to the sports scene, and you find no better trends. From steroids to felonies, seems like SportsCenter is turning into the 5 o’ clock news these days! Between over 28 NFL players in trouble with the law since the Ravens super bowl victory and steroid use in baseball, it;s becoming apparent that just good ole sports highlights are a thing of the past. ‘

I mean what’s next? Will the next Madden video game feature a new mode called Law and Order?! The last decade and a half has been tainted with cheating, lying, and murders/deaths. The list seems to just grow and grow daily.

Where do I even start?! Can i get any help?! (Deep breath) Ok! Here we go! Bonds, Clemens, McGuire, Braun, ARod, Cabrera (Melkey), Pettitte, Merriman, Jones (Pacman), Titus Young, Hernandez, and the newest addition Von Miller. (I am sure I am missing a few but cut me some slack! That’s quite a list.)

From that list, I come to ask one simple question, WHY?! Why become a waste of talent and have a secure future?! I would and never could understand why a Aaron Hernandez would do what he did. All the talent and having a future hall of famer throwing to you. Could never understand why use a drug to aid in smashing home runs.

I became inspired to write these thoughts after today’s news of Ryan Braun and Von Miller. The Miller situation affects us more than the Braun. The Broncos already lost Dumervil to us. Now on the brink of losing Miller. I don’t know if that offense can hold ground if the defense lost that much of its power. Opening night will be a gauge indeed!

Will this be a trend of things to come? Or will changes come to light? Yeah, if everyone is doing it, I know I won’t be the one juicing or killing. Just saying.