Call The Grave Diggers Union: It’s Over For Real

November 22, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     My good friend Dan responded to one of my blogs stating that he would help me shovel some dirt on the grave of the 2009 Baltimore Raven’s Season.  Two weeks ago I wrote the obituary of this season.  It is now time to call the grave diggers union and start putting dirt on the grave.  The casket has been deep sixed and we’re ready to get a tomb stone. 

     I for the live of me can’t understand the vanilla play calling we saw today against the Colts.  It looked like Ted Marchabroda was calling the plays down to Brian Billick.  Where was Cam Cameron’s offense from a year ago?  Where has the wildcat gone.  The three plays called and run down at the Colt’s 1 yard line were the most pathetic I have ever seen.  The Ravens should have won the game going away. 

     Our defense dominated.  I want to give props to Greg Mattison who I have beat up a lot this year.  His unit looked ready.  Cam’s prep work has in my estimation a lot to be desired.  We will not beat Pittsburgh next week with this vanilla offense.  We just haven’t gotten the breaks we got last year or in the Superbowl run of 2000.

     Peyton Manning always finds a way to win.  He did that today.  The Colts are now a perfect 10-0.  The Ravens are now 5-5 and must pretty much win out.  They are no longer on life support, the wake is over, and the casket has been lowered.  Now it’s time to put dirt on the grave.

80-76-1 Against the Spread