December 08, 2010 | John Collingsworth

Is Cam Newton the BEST college football player? Without a doubt.

Has he lead his team to an undefeated record in the toughest conference? Yes.

Is he the single reason why Auburn is in the SEC Championship game against South Carolina? Of coarse!

Should he receive the highest honor a collegiate football player can earn, the Heisman Trophy? HELL NO!!!!

You may think I’m crazy (My friends think so), and so would the entire nation who watches and follows college football (Hell Auburn fans would want to hurt me for saying this), but those who vote might not want to see Cam Newton raise the precise trophy next month.

The main reason: Reggie Bush.

Since 1935, the Heisman trophy has never been stripped by any player until this year. And on December 11th, ‘The Most Prestigious Award in College Football’ should not be awarded to Mr. Newton because of all the allegations surrounding him and his father. Now not all the facts are on the table and I truly believe in the saying ‘innocent until proven guily’ however the Heisman committee does not want to go through what they just did this past year.

Now I never met Cam Newton, and he is probably a very respectable young man, but some of the decisions he has made in the past have not been the wisest.

When he was recruited out of high school to play for the University of Florida in 2007, his future looked bright and playing on Sunday afternoon seemed to be inevitable, until he made the worst mistake of his life.

After beating out fellow freshman John Brantley, the current starter of Florida, to be the back-up of arguably the greatest college football player to step on the grid-iron, Tim Tebow, Newton then mixed himslef up with the law and the Florida program.

On, November 21, 2008, Cam Newton was arrested on felony charges of burglary, larceny and obstruction of justice after allegedly purchasing a stolen laptop from a student at the University of Florida. He was subsequently temporarily suspended by the team after the laptop was in fact found to be in his possession. He withdrew from the University of Florida after the Fall 2008 semester citing he was not going to get a lot playing time because Tebow announced he was coming back for his senior season.

From there he enrolled at Blinn Community College in Texas, where he lead the team to the 2009 NJCAA Football Championship. Once again, Newton was a prized recruit coming out of the college and he had his eye on Mississippi State from the very beginning.

The main reason: Dan Mullen, Head Coach of Mississippi State football program.

He was the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach for Florida when Newton was a Freshman, so the familiarity was there and confidence that Mullen knew exactly how to utilize his 6’6 ft, 250lbs frame to dominate the SEC.

So why didn’t he sign there? Why did Newton choose Auburn over Mississippi State?