December 08, 2010 | John Collingsworth

Quite simple. Cam Newton’s father, Cecil Newton offered Mississippi State a deal, a ‘pay for play’ arrangement. Now again, these are only allegations, but Cecil Newton wanted any where from $100,000 to $180,000 from the university and in return they would receive his Letter of Intent. Really?!?!

This has NCAA violations written all over it.

Apparently when Cam heard about this arrangement, he decided to sign with Auburn, where he is poised to lead his team to a national championship.

Can a father really have this much pull in his sons decision to attend college?

What happened to STUDENT-athlete? Academics over athletics?

As one professor told me one time and I will never forget this, “John, a 100,000 people will pay $50 to watch a college football game, 10 people won’t pay $5 to watch a college chemistry exam.”

Wow, he was right!!!

If 5 years from now, the investigation against Cam and Cecil turns out to be true and NCAA violations had occurred, the Heisman will once again have to be stripped away, for the second time in 5 years. Talk about a prestigious award.

It’s about the green stuff, and the money is the reason why Cam Newton shouldn’t receive the Heisman.

Winning the Heisman trophy is more than just being the best college football player in the country (or I would like to think so at least) but about representing the entire college football community and everything it stands for. Maybe Cecil Newton should choose that path for his son, instead of the best path to make the quick buck. Maybe then Cam Newton will be not only the best college football player, but the best student-athlete.

My Heisman Trophy Pick: LaMichael James, Soph. RB, Oregon.