Can You Believe It!

July 01, 2009 |

When I pulled the car into the parking lot at work Tom Davis and Dave Johnson were fielding calls about the potential trades, player development, and pitching. They announced the game would resume in about half an hour. I shut the car off and went inside. Man did I miss the game of the month, maybe the game of the year.


As much as I love the O’s and have been drinking the Orange Cool Aid I never expected to read what I’ve read. The Orioles made their greatest comeback ever. On a night when they trailed 9 to 1 and looked like they were out of it by the fourth inning, the rain intervened. The Fat Lady hadn’t sung or she didn’t want to get wet. The O’s caught a break and when play resumed they fought back for pride and respectability.


They may still be a last place team but they showed they will always try to comeback for the win. That couldn’t always be said of the teams of the few past years. These O’s are different. They are hungrier and want to win. They have a different attitude than what we’ve seen in the past. The younger players are used to winning and don’t want to settle for being the doormats of the AL East.


This game may not change this season’s results. BUT it could point to the changing fortunes of the franchise. All great teams point to a single game or play where something changed for them. They came together, everything flowed, they believed, they fought back, and then they knew they were winners. Hopefully, this will be the point where we can look back and say the O’s started to change.     


It should give us all hope. The Orioles can and will win. When the young pitching matures and more arms arrive we will have a chance to compete. July won’t be the month where we count down to training camp. August isn’t just about the exhibition season. September will mean more than kickoffs. October will be the month of Champions.


I believe, I believe, I believe……Mr. Kringle is Santa Clause and the O’s will be winners!