CAN’T Go Into Bye At 3 – 3!

October 17, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     This blog will be simple and to the point.  With the Bengals at home against Houston and Pittsburgh at home against the Browns, the Ravens CANNOT lose tomorrow against the ageless Brett Favre and the 5-0 Minnesota Vikings.  Assuming that both Cincy and Pittsburgh win tomorrow a lose to the Vikings would certainly put the Ravens behind the eight ball.   A Ravens lose coupled with a Cincy/Pitt win would place Baltimore 3rd in the AFC North Division, two games behind the Bengals.  My prediction is this: we win tomorrow going into the bye at 4-2 we’ll make the post season.  A lose tomorrow and the season will spiral out of control.  Two weeks ago we were talking Super Bowl, now we’re thinking survival.  GO RAVENS!!!!  Bring one home.


42-32 against the spread.