Capitals 8, Filthy 2…enough said

December 06, 2009 | Paul Hoke

The final score says all that you need to know….Washington 8, Filthadelphia 2. Anyone this side of Glenn Clark should not only enjoy the night, but bask in the Caps success.

They toyed with and battered the “Broad Street Bullies” into submission. Even without the greatest player in the world, Sir Alex Ovechkin, OUR Washington Capitals handed the hated Flyers their most humiliating loss of the season….and God did it feel good.

I watched this game with my 9-year old, and at one point during the game he looked at me and said, “Daddy, are the Capitals that good, or do the Flyers stink this bad…..” What do you tell a young hockey fan? A boy who is just cutting his teeth on the NHL?? I told him the first thing that came to mind. “Yes, Dylan, you are right on both ends. the Capitals are that good, and the Flyers are that bad.”

Up next is Tampa Bay on Monday night. I have no doubt that our hometown hockey team will dismantle the Lightning, and keep on, Unleashing the Fury….. Go Caps!!!!!!!!!!!!!