Caps avenge loss to Filthy.

October 28, 2009 | Paul Hoke

This will be brief because there isn’t a whole lot I can say about the Washington Capitals beautiful 4-2 victory over those scumbag Flyers…because I didn’t watch the game. Not that I didn’t want to, but you see, I have DirecTv. And DirecTv dropped the Versus network for reasons that I’m sure involve money. No big deal. But our local sports networks, MASN, MASN2, and CSN all could have aired our hometown hockey team’s game against one of our fiercest rivals. But again, for reasons that are none of my business, they didn’t.

Anyway, the greatest hockey player of this generation, Alex Ovechkin, scored two more goals and Jose Theodore, who I have always been critical of, saved 41 out of 43 shots to avenge the ugly 6-5 overtime loss in Filthy a few weeks back. And man, watching it or not, it feels great beating those stinking Flyers. Funny, Glenn Clark, I didn’t hear any replays of any one of the four Capitals goals on the morning show this week. But, in your defense, I couldn’t listen for all four hours, so maybe I missed it.

So now, this one is in the rear view, and our Caps gear up to take on the Thrashers tomorrow night in Atlanta. And the game is on CSN, so I will be able to watch it with my son. Can’t wait to see them win their 6th in a row.

Go Caps!!! and as always, Go Ravens!!!!

Orioles….enjoy seeing what two REAL baseball teams look like when you watch the World Series this year.