Caps lose to the Flyers – I just can’t handle it

October 07, 2009 | Drew Forrester

It was a long, sleepless night at the Forrester home on Tuesday night.

I even went to a couple of glasses of some outstanding Michael Sullberg cabernet just after the Caps game ended to try and smooth me out a bit…but it didn’t help.

In my house – or at least, with me — when the Caps lose in overtime to the Philadelphia Flyers, it’s very, very difficult to accept.

Anyone but the Flyers.

And, please, ANYONE but that little gnat Danny (F’ing) Briere, who camped out just long enough in front of the net during Tuesday’s overtime to break a sweat for the first time all night and swat the game-winning goal past an otherwise solid Jose Theodore.

Just like the old days at the Cap Centre.

The pest does nothing all game and then somehow manages to be the hero.  Back in the 1980’s, it was Brian Propp who would get in the way of a shot late in the game and rap the rebound past Jim Bedard or Pete Peeters.

Last night, of all people, it was Danny Briere.  Midway through the 3rd period, the Wachovia Center PA announcer was heard to say, “Ladies and gentlemen, if anyone sees Danny Briere in the stands or in the concourse area, please have him report to the Flyers bench immediately.”

Of course, he showed up just in time to give me a stomach ache.

John Erskine might as well have played for the Flyers on Tuesday night.  When he’s on the ice, guys apply for KOA discount cards and just pitch a tent right in front of the Washington net.  That makes it tough on the goaltender to actually see shots coming at him.  That’s a problem.

Briere, all 5’7″ of him, stood tall in front of Theodore in overtime and when Erskine went over and gave him his high school jacket to wear, the little gnat said “thanks for the love” and then promptly popped a rebound over Theodore for the game-winner.  Erskine outweighs Briere by 75 pounds.  He’s a defenseman.  He’s big.  He’s strong.  How on earth do you let a caterpillar beat you?

Speaking of ineffective, what the hell happened to Simeon Varlamov in the 2nd period?  I haven’t seen a guy that shaky with a glove since the days of Jay Gibbons in right field at Camden Yards.

There were good points to the game.  These days in the NHL, a regulation tie is actually acceptable.  Overtime means little and shootouts mean less.  In fact, had the Minnesota Wild knocked off the Caps in overtime last night, 6-5, I wouldn’t even be writing this.

Alex Ovechkin had two more goals, as did Alex Semin.  In the second period, they couldn’t be stopped. 

But when you lose to the Flyers — and those scallywags from Philly get to go home happy — it’s much different.

Shades of Brian Propp last night.

Too many bad memories for me.

ANYONE but Danny Briere.


Hell, I would have rather watched Jerry Coleman (he and Briere are about the same size) tuck the rebound past Theodore.


ANYONE but the Flyers.

ANYONE but Danny Briere.