Carl Edwards and other Random Sports Thoughts…

March 06, 2008 |

Roush/Fenway Racing vs. NASCAR rears its ugly head again…Carl Edwards was docked 100 championship points Jack Roush 100 owner points and fined 100K and Bob Osborne the crew chief suspended for 6 races? Let’s all be real if you “ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin’ in NASCAR.” I could take the NASCAR rulebook and take all 43 cars and find something wrong with them after the race is over! Sorry NASCAR you’ve gone too far again but you always have stuck it to Roush racing and you continue to do it again.

Nick, Nick, Nick! Yes Markakis is upset because he didn’t cash in early. Hey if your boss rewarded the new guy because he was the hot young stud of the company but in 1 year you knew he was going to get paid in full again through arbitration, promotion, etc., you’d be mad as hell. Don’t worry Nick I know the Euro is 1.5 times the US dollar but last time I checked $55K US will buy you a lot of groceries.

Two programs WNST is missing in my opinion are a NASCAR and Pro Wrestling talk show. Casey has done an awesome job with his wrestling questions on the blogs. And although NASCAR has hit a lull in its popularity it’s still worthy of its own place at WNST.

The Blast hits the final month of the season on Friday see my blog from Thursday so get out and support our home team. They only have 2 games at home in March so a spot in the playoffs will have to be earned on the road.

Just about every song on Chris or should I say American Idol 3rd placer Daughtry’s debut CD has hit one music chart or another. Not bad for not making the final two. I’m sure he is laughing all the way to the bank.

The local area Men’s college basketball teams as a whole have had a great season to date. I’m not sure anyone is really paying attention and to make it worse they all have to win their conference tournaments to get in the big dance. That’s a tall order. HMMM Now that I think about it Maryland falls into that category as well.

FTB III. I think Roberts and Markakis will endorse it fully in 2008.