Casey at the bat: Don Zimme

May 09, 2007 | WNST Staff

One of my favorite managers as a child is here today with the Devil Rays’ Don Zimmer. I was a Cubs fan growing up in Louisiana and always enjoyed watching the Cubs on WGN. Seeing Zimmer in the dugout with a mouth full of — whatever he was chewing!?!

Zimmer almost was a member of the Orioles’ staff when Mazilli came to the Orioles. Mazilli asked Zimmer to be a part of his staff, but the travel was not something that he was not too keen on.

Zimmer has had numerous job offers to join the Tigers and the Marlins, when Joe Girardi was there. I spoke with the Devil Rays PR guy, Rick Vaughn, who raved about Don and said what a joy he is to be around.

While he was speaking about all the things that Don does as far as speaking engagements — and community relations — I thought about it as the sort of the role that Elrod Hendricks filled for the Orioles.

Nice to see a guy like Don Zimmer “gets it.”