CB Josh Wilson, while waiting for free agent status with new CBA, active with Ravens teammates Zbikowski and Stallworth

March 11, 2011 | Ryan Chell

Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson was a late addition to the Baltimore Ravens last year, but the former Maryland Terp corner back not only provided depth to a position of need in 2010, but he may have been one of the better surprises playing for Baltimore this past year.

A former second-round pick of the Seattle Seahawks out of Maryland, Wilson came over in a trade to Baltimore on August 31st to provide adequate depth for a position filled with guys coming back or suffering from devastating knee injuries.

After jumping on and off the bench for much of the first half of the season, Wilson eventually found the playing field and took over for a struggling Fabian Washington and provided solid play game after game.

In nine starts for Wilson, the former Dematha prep standout recorded 37 tackles and three interceptions.

While he did give up the critical touchdown to Roddy White late in Baltimore’s 26-21 loss to Atlanta, he made up for it several weeks later by intercepting Texans quarterback Matt Schaub in overtime and bringing it back twelve yards for the score to seal the win for the Ravens, 34-28.

For Wilson, this season was a dream come true for him because not only was he getting the playing time he wasn’t guaranteed in Seattle under a new coaching staff, but he returned home to the Baltimore area and became part of the Ravens family.

So much so, that earlier this week at the annual Ed Block Courage Awards, Wilson accepted the award on behalf of teammate Donte Stallworth, who was voted as the Ravens’ winner for his strength in coming back from a life-changing event in which Stallworth killed a man while driving under the influence.

“It was a wonderful event,” Wilson said. “I’m glad I was able to be a part of it for Donte. It was such a great event.”

Being around that group of individuals coming back from struggles and injuries really moved Wilson earlier this week, but ultimately he knows that with his free agent status in check as well as the possibility of a lockout occurring, he knows his time as a Raven could be short-lived despite he being embraced by the coaching staff and players.

He was assigned a restricted tender by the team, but ultimately when a new CBA gets done, Wilson most likely will find himself an unrestricted free agent able to sign anywhere.

It is Wilson’s hope that he can remain in Baltimore for the long haul.

“Right now, I’m in town…I’m back where I grew up in the area,” Wilson said.

Wilson has been one of the many players out there anxiously awaiting word as to what is going to happen when it comes to there being football next year or not.

“Right now, I’ve noticed that the more you get excited because you think something is going to get done on the big day of movement…the next day you find out we’re still far apart. I’m listening and paying attention, but it’s always like ‘don’t get your hopes up too quick’,” Wilson added.

Not getting his hopes up in that regard has allowed Wilson the opportunity to catch up on some other things going on in the Ravens community, including the likes of his teammates Tom Zbikowski fighting on the Cotto-Mayorga undercard this weekend at the MGM Grand.

Wilson-while he will be missing the event due to his birthday on Friday-said that he definitely will be keeping tabs on his secondary mate.

“I couldn’t make it to the actual event, but I’ve got my ears to the pavement with that one,” Wilson said.

“That’s the way he is. He’s serious about his craft…he’s serious about boxing. And he’s good at it…he’s a trained professional and almost like a dual athlete, so you better watch out who you’re talking trash to.”

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