Charm City all Stars host Carolina Bootleggers

August 23, 2008 |

Written by Justice Feelgood Marshall
August 22, 2008

BALTIMORE, MD — The 11th-ranked Charm City Roller Girls will be battling against a cross-section of skaters from Carolina on Saturday, August 23, as they battle with Carolina’s B team, the Bootleggers. It will be the first time Charm City hosts a visitor at their new 2008 digs in downtown’s DuBurns Arena.

Carolina was the first WFTDA league that Charm City ever played, back in January 2007, and they’ll be seeing a few of the same players in this match. This Bootleggers team, while not the A-list from Carolina’s #4th ranked sanctioned team, still contains a number of extremely dangerous all-stars. Princess America, DVS, Militia, Kitty Crowbar, Trudy Struction, Kama Suture, MC Fyte and Elka Meano all held spots on Carolina’s 20-skater all-star roster as of July, with most still on the all-star roster and moonlighting for this iteration of the Bootleggers.

The Bootleggers had their first official match in a slightly different version when #8 Philly and Carolina met for a all star / B team doubleheader on August 9th — those Bootleggers fell to Philly’s Independence Dolls B-team, 93-53.

Charm City’s squad for this contest is a bit more cohesive, with almost all participants having played together over the course of Charm City’s second all-star season. The only significant difference will be the lack of big hitter Coach Ballbricker, still recovering from a knee injury aggravated in Charm City’s last home game. Stepping in her place is tenacious booty-block specialist Frenzy Lohan, bringing her increasingly exasperating positional blocking skills back to the all-star lineup for the first time since April 2007.

Charm City has been on a roll in their 2007-2008 season, taking down 6 opponents in a row before finally dropping a last-jam 108-101 nailbiter to Madison in July. They’ll certainly be hoping to get a win against this very experienced competition, and just might be hoping to learn a few tricks they could later use against some Carolina players they could potentially face in the semifinals of the Eastern Regionals.

The night’s festivities will also include a 20-minute opening expo bout for Charm City’s own irregulars, Female Trouble. They’ll be trying to build on their May international victory against Montreal’s La Racaille as they take on a new league from Hagerstown, MD, the Mason-Dixon Roller Vixens.

Celia Fate 00 // Roxxy Slide 1.618 // Minnie Mauser 7.63 // Deviled Leggs 8 // MC Fyte 12rounds // Trudy Sctruction 22oz // Kama Suture 30 // Kitty Crowbar 110 // DVS 131 // Fairy Brutal 185 // Pink Slip 224 // Elka Meano 454 // Princess America 1492 // Militia X

Dolly Rocket 6 // Flo Shizzle 24/7 // Lady Quebeaum 34 // Cheeta
Torpeda 37 // Pistol Whip 44 // Psycho78 78 // Radar Love i // Rosie
the Rioter 100% // Reckless Ndangerment 116 // Frenzy Lohan 119
//Duchess of Torque 200/lb ft // Holly Go Hardly 415 // Joy Collision
747 // Mibbs Breakin’ Ribs 1010