Charm City Home Team Playoffs are Saturday, April 24

April 20, 2010 |

The Charm City Roller Girls are poised to enter the Season 5 playoffs on Saturday, April 24.  The matchups will be familiar to fans who attended the bout on March 27.  The playoffs will pit the #1 Speed Regime against the #4 Junkyard Dolls.  Speed Regime, fresh off a 111 point win over the Night Terrors, are 3-0 for the season; they will enter the playoffs as the 1st place seed.   The Regime has harnessed a versatile roster of skaters who can serve on the blocking line or jam at a moment’s notice.  In the pack, the Regime is led by team captain Terror Izher, and All-Stars Deathany and Holly Gohardly.  Expect to see most skaters take the star at some point during the game in addition to the core jammer rotation of co-captain Allie B. Back, Tyrannosaurus Lex, TwiBite and Bambi’s Revenge.

The Junkyard Dolls, last season’s champions, have struggled to maintain a cohesive roster for the last few seasons.  They recently saw the retirement of original Doll and 4-time winner of the CCRG Most Intimidating Skater Award Coach Ballbricker, and lost new recruit Pinky Tuscadare-ya to a shoulder separation.  Leading the blocking for the Dolls will be formidable Boston transfer Xena Paradox, team captain Mistress May-Eye and newcomer Quickshot Kitty.  While the Dolls struggle with their strength in the pack, they are a fierce force to be reckoned with on the jam line with the staple jamming of crowd favorite Flo Shizzle, the low and speedy Killer Kitten, Mistress May-Eye and fiery Harrisburg transfer Holden Grudges.  The Dolls are 0-3 for the season, having suffered their largest loss, by 52 points, to Speed Regime at the March 27 bout.  The pressure is on for the Regime to defend their #1 spot against the defending league champions going into the championship bout.  The winner of this game will earn a spot in the championship game on May 22, while the loser will play for 3rd or 4th place for the season.

Speed Regime:

Terror Izher 3636 (captain) //Allie B. Back T2 (captain) //Deathany 666 // Layne I. Hilator IL8 // Oh Scheydt P00P // Gidget Guttersnipe 2onU // TwiBite 222 // Holly Gohardly 415 // Flux Incapacitator 88 // Ali Kaida 175 // Tyrannosaurus Lex R44W // Bambi’s Revenge 42 // Loretta Scars 91

Junkyard Dolls:

Aidee Dee 22 (captain) // Mistress May-Eye 10 (captain) // Kelly O’Shanku 9 // Holden Grudges 63 // Pimparella L0L // Doris Day of Reckoning C6 // Whipstick 241 // Xena Paradox HL4Fway // Quickshot Kitty 45 // Paige Fault 404 // Killer Kitten 909 // Flo Shizzle 247

The bout between the #2 and #3 teams will see the Mobtown Mods face off against the Night Terrors.  The Mobtown Mods have won 2 out of 3 games this season, losing only to the dominant Speed Regime on February 20 by 90 points.  The 2-1 record will position the Mods as the # 2 seed going into the playoffs.  They will be missing rookie Grose Misconduct due to an injury that occurred at the March 27 bout.  The strength of the Mods is their reliance on the individual skills of their players.  Heavy hitting pack members include Judy Boom, Penaltyna, Thoroughbled and All-Star captain Joy Collision.  On the jammer line, you are likely to see the star passed throughout the lineup but expect to see Lady Quebeaum, Dosa Badazz, Shé Guevara and newcomer Zamboni Toni step up to the line on multiple occasions.

The Night Terrors will be looking for revenge against the #2 ranked Mods, to whom they lost to by a relatively slim margin of 28 points.  The Terrors have gone 1-2 this season, winning only against the Junkyard Dolls during a narrow, nail biting, back-and-forth lead exchange at the February 20 bout.  The Night Terrors will find their strength in their strategic play on the track led by Rosie the Rioter, team captain Blind Banshee, Beth Steel and Frenzy Lohan.  Expect to see the lanky jamming legs of Just Carol, Minnie Piledriver, and Fatal Attraction and the powerful speed and agility of Radar Love on the track with the star.  LA Riot will remain out of the lineup recovering from a knee injury.  The winner of the matchup between the Mods and Terrors will claim a coveted spot in this season’s championship bout.  Neither are strangers to championship play: the Terrors were season champions in the first and second seasons, and the Mods carried home the Donaghy Cup in Season 3.

Mobtown Mods:

MIA POW F4 (captain) // Mya Bloody Valentine 190 (captain) // Penaltyna 7 // Thoroughbled 12 // Gloria Stunum 1971 // Dosa Badazz 01 // Zamboni Toni // Judy Boom 82 // Joy Collision 747 // Essie Ecks 1on1 // Shé Guevara 267 // Ethyl Hurtz 84 // Ginja Ninja 410 // Lady Quebeaum 34

Night Terrors:

Jilli Idol 275 (captain) // Blind Banshee (captain) 4 // Nuckin Futz 187 // Fatal Attraction 24 // Mibbs Breakin’ Ribs 1010 // Just Carol 26 // Grand Theft Autumn 948 // Frenzy Lohan 119 // Radar Love 1 // Minnie Piledriver 125 // Beth Steel 5446 // Slap Tackle Pop 3E // Rosie the Rioter 100 // Nurse Wretched 05

Preview By: Holly Gohardly and Flux Incapacitator