Charm City Roller Girls July 26 Bout Recap

August 01, 2008 |

Charm City Intraleague: Mobtown Mods 97, Junkyard Dolls 58
by Justice Feelgood Marshall – July 30, 2008 – 1:57am

Charm City’s Mobtown Mods showed on Saturday night that they were
ready to fully put their nightmarish 0-7 2007 season behind them,
taking the lead on the second jam against the Junkyard Dolls and never
relinquishing it in their first dominating performance since September
2006 to win 97-58.

Both teams came into the bout undefeated with 2-0 records, but also
with a short roster of only 10. The Dolls seemed to have a little more
trouble deploying their available troops — troubles that were severely
compounded when they lost all-star blocker Coach Ballbricker to an
early knee injury.

Dolls captain Dolly Rocket led off the bout at the jammer line and
staked the Dolls to an early 3-0 lead, slicing through the pack with
her trademark insouciance to shut out opponent Duchess of Torque.
However, the Mods had the answer for that with the nationally feared
Joy Collision, who lapped fellow all-star Flo Shizzle of the Dolls to
make the score 5-3 in favor of the red-and-black.

Things stayed close with a quick 5-4 win for the Dolls, as the leggy
Ella Fitzperil bested Duchess of Torque again, but the Mods unveiled
their newest weapon in Thumper Good on jam 4, and it opened up the bout
early. Opponent Flo Shizzle got wrapped up by tough Mods defense, and
Thumper rolled for three scoring laps in a big 12-4 win over Flo that
made the score Mods 21, Dolls 12.

After a 2-2 tie between Lady Quebeaum and Dolly Rocket, the Dolls
got a tough break when Coach Ballbricker went down early in the next
jam, clutching her knee in pain. The jam was called for injury and
DuBurns Arena got very quiet as the EMTs brought out the stretcher, but
Ballbricker was eventually able to limp off the track under her own
power to a raucous ovation. Unfortunately for the wrecking crew,
Ballbricker would not return and it was apparent for the rest of the
bout that it was playing havoc with the Dolls lineups.

The Mods snagged lead jammer status on the next three jams and
proceeded to build a 35-17 lead with about 7 minutes to play in the
half, highlighted by another big jam for first-game rookie Thumper Good
over Flo Shizzle, 8-3. While the Dolls pulled lead on three of the last
four jams of the half, they still continued to lose ground as the one
Mods lead jam ended up being a lopsided 9-1 for Joy Collision over Flo
Shizzle. The half ended at Mods 48, Dolls 27.

Thumper Good continued her success against Flo Shizzle as the second
half started, taking lead jammer and a 7-0 win, and then the Mods’ Joy
Collision burned up the sport court in the biggest jam of the night, a
17-7 win over Ella Fitzperil on the second jam of the half. With almost
a full half left to play, the Mods had built a nearly insurmountable
72-34 lead.

The Dolls, already in trouble from their short roster and the
Ballbricker injury, often found themselves having to scramble to change
lineups due to penalty problems, and seemed unable to find a way to
slow the Mods’ scoring. In a game-sealing sequence through the middle
of the half, the Mods would win five jams in a row in a 25-13 run that
moved the score to 97-48 with 6 minutes to play.

While the Dolls did claim lead on three jams in a row and score 10
unanswered points to close the game, the game had been effectively put
out of reach as the second half opened, and the Mods moved to 3-0 with
their 97-58 win.

As in the other bout of the night, penalty totals were rather even
— the Dolls picked up 55 minors and 5 majors while the Mods got 52
minors and 7 majors. Judy Boom was most penalized for the Mods with 9
minors, while Dolly Rocket got the most penalties for the Dolls, with 9
minors and 2 majors.

Lead jammer status was perfectly evenly split between the two teams
— each got it 12 times — but critically, the Mods won every jam in
which they had lead, while the Dolls tied or lost in four of their lead
jam opportunities.

The 3-0 Mods get to play the 0-3 Speed Regime in the September 13
semifinals, while the 2-1 Dolls go up against the 1-2 Night Terrors.
The winners of those two contests will battle for the third-season
championship in October.

Charm City Intraleague: Night Terrors over Speed Regime, 77-63
by Justice Feelgood Marshall – July 28, 2008

Stormin’ Mormon and Psycho78 at the jammer line.BALTIMORE, MD — The Speed Regime and Night Terrors won last season’s award for the Best Rivalry in the Charm City home season, and even though the two teams came into their Saturday night bout at the bottom of the local rankings, their sixth faceoff did not disappoint in the least. After a closely matched first half that ended with the Speed Regime clinging to a two-point lead, the Night Terrors stormed back in the second half to take control and post yet another comeback win over their nemisisters, 77-63.

Neither team was able to establish any sort of momentum in a low-scoring first half.The bout opened on a 3-1 jam for the Terrors’ Psycho78 over the Regime’s Bambi’s Revenge, but the Regime’s Stormin’ Mormon managed to tie it up by claiming lead jammer and a 2-0 win over Minnie Piledriver, leaving the score at 3-3 after two jams.

The Regime took the lead on the following jam as Pistol Whip got a razor-thin 4-3 win over Rosie the Rioter, but they’d spend the rest of the half fighting to hold onto that lead. On jam 5, they did get a stellar debut jam from new addition Just Carol, who dropped an 8-3 win in her first trip to the jammer line as a Charm City skater over Radar Love and gave the Regime a 19 to 12 lead with about 13 minutes left in the first half.

That 7 point margin was the most daylight the Regime could open in that half, though. The Terrors stayed right on their heels throughout the half and managed to grab a tiny 29-28 lead with about 4 minutes left in the period, as the Terrors defense shut down Regime jammer Just Carol and gave Minnie Piledriver the opportunity to grab a 5-0 jam. The Regime’s Stormin’ Mormon got the lead back for her team with a 3-0 on the half’s last scoring jam as opposing jammer Rosie the Rioter had to sit a spell in the penalty box, leaving the score at Speed Regime 31, Night Terrors 29 at the intermission.

The Regime opened big in the second half, getting three lead jams in a row as Bambi’s Revenge got a 5-0 over the Terrors’ Psycho78 when Psycho went to the box. Psycho would redeem herself on the next jam, though, busting out of the box to claim a 4-1 win over Just Carol and putting the score at Speed Regime 37, Night Terrors 33.

A followup 4-0 for the Regime’s Buzz Kill over the Terrors’ Minnie Piledriver gave the Regime their biggest lead of the bout at Regime 41, Terrors 33 with about 15 minutes to go, but right about then the momentum took a big swing in the Terrors’ favor as their defensive game tightened up.

Rosie the Rioter got two grand slams on opponent Bambi’s Revenge in a 10-3 jam for the Terrors that got them to within one point at 44-43, and then, in a pivotal jam 5, Terrors pivot Frenzy Lohan bottled up Regime jammer Just Carol at the front of the pack with some timely positional blocking that that gave Terrors jammer Radar Love enough time to catch up and claim lead, and the Terrors blockers enough time to swarm up and re-engage Carol. With Just Carol buried in a sea of blue blockers, Radar put down a 9-0 jam that gave the Terrors a 52-44 lead.

On the following jam, the speed of Terrors jammer Psycho78 combined with sturdy offensive blocking from her pack allowed her to literally run circles around the Regime defense in the biggest jam of the game — a 13-0 over Stormin’ Mormon — and suddenly the Terrors had gone on a 32-3 run over just three jams. With about 8 minutes left to go in the bout, the Terrors owned the first sizable lead of the contest, 65-44.

Two jams later, Terrors jammer Radar Love put the final nail in the Regime’s coffin, getting a grand slam lap on Stormin’ Mormon, picking up 4 points on her following pass, and then sucking critical time off the clock by waiting until a tired Stormin’ was just about to start her first scoring pass before calling it off for a 9-0 jam win. The score was 77-48 in favor of the Terrors with only about 4 minutes left to play, and while Bambi’s Revenge tore up the track for 15 points over the final two jams (she ended the penultimate jam in the penalty box) while the Regime defense didn’t allow another Terrors point, there wasn’t enough time for the Regime to get back in the game.
Holly Go Hardly tries to level Radar Love.

The penalty totals were quite similar, as the Speed Regime racked up 64 minors and 9 majors while the Night Terrors got 56 minors and 10 majors. Stormin’ Mormon was assessed the most penalties for the Regime (10 minors and 3 majors) while Rosie the Rioter held that title for the Terrors (12 minors, 3 majors.) Oddly, the Regime won the lead jammer battle handily (13 lead jams for the Regime vs. 9 for the Night Terrors) but it wasn’t reflected in the final score.

The Charm City local season picks up again on September 13 in the semifinals. The 1-2 Night Terrors rematch with the Junkyard Dolls, while the winless Speed Regime has their work cut out for them, facing the undefeated Mobtown Mods.

Additional reporting: Johnny Zebra