Charm City Roller Girls open their home season Saturday night

January 29, 2010 |

Catch WNST’s own roller girl on today with Nestor around 2 o’clock to discuss the 5th season of roller derby in Baltimore.

Below you’ll find a 2010 season preview courtesy of Slack Kerowhack.


With the CCRG home season just one week away, roving derby reporter Slack Kerowhack of Mid-Atlantic Derby News and the Derby News Network takes a look at what to expect on the track in 2010.


After home seasons that ran between May and October the previous two years, the Charm City Roller Girls try something different for their fifth home season.  Bouts will run between January and May after which they will focus on their travel team season leading to the regional and national tournaments in the fall.

This season the league moves from 40-minute to 60-minute double-headers, which means more derby for everyone.  Each team will play each other once to determine seeding for an April playoff which will determine who plays for the championship in May.

Junkyard Dolls

The Junkyard Dolls completed an improbable but methodical climb last season (after finishing fourth in 2006, third in 2007 and second in 2008) by capturing the 2009 championship and posting 4-1 record for the season.

The biggest challenge to the Dolls’ chances to repeat in 2010 looks to be something that plagued them last season, a short roster.  Only six skaters from the 2009 squad are expected to be available for the season opener.

Despite this, the Dolls still have an intimidating sounding lineup.  Original Dolls and punishing blockers, team co-captain Mistress May Eye and Coach Ballbricker will be joined by veterans Kelly O’ShankU, team captain Aidee Dee and Paige Fault in the pack.

Expect the jammer star to be worn many times by the returning Killer Kitten with her low to the ground style and the aggressive and speedy Holden Grudges, an experienced transfer from Harrisburg.

Xena Paradox a formidable transfer from Boston is likely to wear the pivot stripe quite a bit.  Other new faces include rookies Pinky Tuscadare-ya and Doris Day of Reckoning.

The Dolls are lacking in numbers though which means that endurance could become a factor, especially late in a bout.

Not available for the opener, the always popular Flo Shizzle is expected to return to the team around mid-season after a temporary break from derby.  Ella Fitz-Peril, who helped bench coach the Dolls last season during her “nine month injury,” is expected to return to the lineup as well but Federal Kill, who suffered a knee injury near the end of last season, may not be back on the track before the championship bout in May. If this team can endure a short-handed start and get to full strength, they may see the same success of last year.

Aidee Dee 22 (captain) // Coach Ballbricker 13 // Doris Day of Reckoning C6 // Ella Fitz-Peril  // Federal Kill 2 // Flo Shizzle 247 // Holden Grudges 63 // Killer Kitten 999 // Mistress May Eye 10 (co-captain) // Kelly O’ShankU 9 // Paige Fault 404 // Pinky Tuscadare-ya 2020 // Xena Paradox H4LF

Night Terrors

The Night Terrors seemed to be a team that was hitting their stride toward the end of last season, losing the championship bout and finishing second despite a 1-4 record overall.  It must be frightening for their opponents to see that nearly their entire roster has returned this season.

Team captain Jilli Idol and co-captain Blind Banshee lead a squad that includes no rookies at this time.  The list of returning veterans is a long one.  The powerful Mibbs Breakin’ Ribs came back to the team mid-season in 2009 after an absence and resumed her place as a cornerstone of the Terrors’ pack.  Frenzy Lohan returns after missing last season with a knee injury.  The nimble Just Carol and ironwoman Rosie the Rioter are among a versatile crew of skaters with the ability to block or jam that includes Radar Love, Slap Tackle Pop, Minnie Piledriver, Fatal Attraction, L.A. Riot, Beth Steel, and of course, the vocal Nurse Wretched.

If the Terrors can take advantage of their experience and continue to build upon their improvement last season, they may go screaming all the way to the top this season.

Blind Banshee 4 (co-captain) // Fatal Attraction 24 // Beth Steele 5445 // Jilli Idol 275 (captain) // Just Carol 26 // LA Riot 420 // Minnie Piledriver 125 // Nurse Wretched 05 // Radar Love 1 // Rosie the Rioter 100 // Slap Tackle Pop 3E

Mobtown Mods

The Mobtown Mods started 2009 looking as strong as they had in 2008 when they were the only undefeated champs in the history of the league.  After three victories, the team lost their last two, and ended the season fourth with a 3-2 record.

Most of that team is back and seeking to correct their late season slide with a return to victory this season. Captain MIA POW and co-captain PENALTYna lead a hard hitting group that includes the always dangerous Lady Quebeaum, Ethyl Hurtz, Mya Bloody Valentine, Judy Boom, Essie Ecks, She Guevara, Ginja Ninja and the ever-increasingly speedy Thoroughbled. Notably the league MVP Joy Collision is still questionable for play after being injured late last season. This talented gang has been joined by Dosa Badazz, a transfer from Harrisburg who seems adept at making space for her jammer teammates and rookies Grose Misconduct and Gloria Stunem.

If things go their way, the Mods have the talent to put together another unbeaten streak and another run at the championship.

Dosa Badazz 01 // Essie Ecks 1ON1 // Ethyl Hurts 84 // Ginja Ninja 410 // Gloria Stunem 1971 // Grose Misconduct 33 // Joy Collision 747 // Judy Boom 82 // Lady Quebeaum 34 // MIA POW F4 (captain) // Mya Bloody Valentine 190 // PENALTYna 7 (co-captain) // She’ Guevara 267 // ThoroughBled 12

Speed Regime

The Speed Regime has finished second two times and third two times and begins the fifth season hoping to capture their first championship.  Up and down results in 2009 landed them in third place with a 2-3 record.

The Regime brings back a healthy number of veterans while adding more rookies than other teams.  Captain Terror IzHer and co-captain Allie B. Back, who won rookie of the year honors for last season, lead the green machine that includes returning vets Holly GoHardly, Deathany, Cindy Lop-Her, Flux Incpacitator, Ali Kaida, Bambi’s Revenge, Tyrannosaurus Lex and Loretta Scars.  Jam Reaper is still recovering from a broken leg she suffered last year.

Four rookies on the team already seem to be fitting in well.  TwiBite could be an early favorite to become the next rookie of the year.  Her speed is sure to be used at the jammer position.  Gidget Guttersnipe is also quick and will probably jam more and more as she gains experience.  Expect Oh Scheydt! and Lanye I. Hilator to help within the pack.

Speed Regime has got speed and desire and works together well.  If they can translate these things into victory, they might earn their first championship in 2010.

Ali Kaida 175 // Allie B. Back T2 (co-captain) // Bambi’s Revenge 42 // Cindy Lop-Her 911 // Deathany 666 // Flux Incapacitator 88 MPH // Gidget Guttersnipe  2ONU // Holly GoHardly 415 // Jam Reaper PH8 // Layne I. Hilator IL8 // Loretta Scars 91 // Oh Scheydt! p00p // Terror IzHer 3636 (captain) // TwiBite 222 // Tyrannosaurus Lex R44W //