Chill out, Baltimore… even if we don’t win

April 10, 2010 |

I called in to Sportsline with Steve Melewski (sp) in 1999 during the second of what is now 12 straight losing seasons. I wanted to make a point, and I am going to make the same point again 10 years later:


I have bitched and moaned about the Orioles as much as anyone. But I just want to remind everyone of the history of baseball, and how rare it can be to win a world series, or get to the playoffs consistently, or get to the playoffs every once in a while (for some teams), or just to compete (for a few, including us right now).

I called in and said that the Red Sox haven’t won since 1918. White Sox – 1917. Cubs – 1908. Indians 1948.

Can we understand what has happened since the Cubs won it all? The history, not just the number of years?

I will be happy to live to 60, personally. I remember watching Cal Jr. snare the final out of the 1983 series. I hope to see another world series win for the O’s during my lifetime.

Can we understand how many Cubs fans have actually lived and died without seeing a world series win?

And we’re unhappy about 12 years?

My sister told me that she wanted to go to more baseball games this year. I have hardly gone the last few years because the team has been so bad. But going with my sister? That sounds great. With my best of friends? And maybe his dad? Awesome. With a good friend who will be moving 500 miles away? Definitely. Before she moves, we’re going to a game.

And that is what it’s all about. When I was on the Jr. Orioles in little league, and I played shortstop with my Cal Jr. glove, my teammates and I were told that “it isn’t important whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.” Now we all knew that we wanted to win, just like all of us Orioles fans want our team to win.

But this year, I am just going to go the park, or turn on my tv or radio, and just enjoy it.

We’re lucky to have a great franchise, with the best ballpark, and an amazing history. I remember seeing the O’s win their last one. I was 5. The last Cubs world series win was 75 years before that.

We can always get better. Things can always change.

Think about what has happened since 1908 in the world. Then think about 12 losing seasons.

If you don’t think we can win again, then Mr. Umpire, you need new glasses.