Chill Out

July 27, 2012 | Josh Levine

Well, I did not win the BSMS contest, but it was a lot of fun to participate. Hopefully, I will have the chance to contribute to WNST and the Baltimore Sports world. So today its back to being a sports fan and still blogging.

Bryant McKinnie has been a no show at Ravens training camp. The 32 year old McKinnie is dealing with an “issue” and has been fined $30,000 for failing to report to camp. While I think the Ravens could definitely use McKinnie and I am not worried if he never sets foot on the field this year.

Michael Oher is ready to step up and be the left tackle the Ravens expected him to be when they drafted him in 2009. Oher has certainly not been the dominant tackle people were hoping for but he is a solid player and someone who I think is ready to elevate his game. With Oher at left tackle, Bobby Williams can handle left guard. On the right side I completely expect Kelechi Osemele to beat out Jah Reed for the starting right tackle job. Marshal Yanda will be able to help tutor the man known as KO and all of a sudden the Ravens are not as old on the offensive line.

For some reason, everyone in this town panics when an older veteran starts to break down, gets injured, has a contract squabble or leaves town as a free agent. Unfortunately a certain columnist for the Baltimore Sun decides to write that the Ravens are in trouble and everyone panics.

Let’s remember in 2010, the Ravens went 12-4 with Oher at Right tackle. McKinnie was average in 2011 and his reputation certainly made him appealing. His run blocking was average at best. He was a decent pass blocker but by NO means was he a superstar.

The Ravens youth movement can continue by trusting Oher on the blind side and adding KO to the starting lineup. Let Jah Reed compete at guard and tackle. If McKinnie gets here and is in shape and is the best option at left tackle, fine. Otherwise, all I am saying is give Oher a chance.