Cincinnati Ravens/Baltimore Bungles?

November 12, 2007 | Keith Melchior

I could swear on my Johnny Unitas statue that I was living in bizarro world today. You know, where everything is opposite?

The Ravens were wearing the home white jerseys and Cincinnati was in the road darks today. Matt Stover’s seven field goals wins the game. Marvin Lewis’ stout defense held the opposition to a garbage touchdown while playing soft prevent defense in the fourth quarter. The Bengals turned the ball over six times and their starting QB was yanked in the fourth quarter. What a great win today for the boys in the white jerseys!!

Remember when the Bengals were affectionately called the Bungles? Remember when the Ravens used to grind out the clock and kick field goals all the time while the defense stonewalled the opposition and created turnovers to help win games? It’s easy to believe, isn’t it? With the win today, the Ravens are only one game out with seven games remaining. We can win the division! Steelers SUCK!!

Wait just a minute. I just saw the score flashed during the Colts/Chargers Sunday night game. They said the Ravens LOST? But, but, how could that be? What was I watching from my seat at M&T Bank Stadium today? This is so bizarre. I see next week the Cleveland Ravens are coming to Memorial Stadium to play our beloved Baltimore Browns. Uh oh, those horrible hallucinations are starting again. I better take my medication and go to bed. Oh, the pain, the pain …