Clippers Stage Protest Over Comments By Owner

April 28, 2014 | Brandon Sacks

It appears as though the Los Angeles Clippers are about as happy with with their owner’s alleged racist remarks that they have taken to showing how proud they are to wear the Clippers’ logo.  After coming out for their pregame rituals, the players gathered at half court and threw their warmups in a pile on the ground, revealing inside out shooting shirts.

Clippers owner Donald Sterling was allegedly caught saying he did not want African Americans to be seen at the Staples Center.  These racist remarks were not taken well by his predominantly African American team or the NBA as a whole.  In fact, the Miami Heat did the same exact thing before game 4 of their series against the Charlotte Bobcats.  This move was in an effort to show support for what the Clippers did a few days before.

Donald Sterling should be ashamed of himself for what he said.  Since he is the owner of the team, he needs to look out for the best interest of his business.  By completely neglecting an entire race, a business owner is going to lose a large amount of money from ticket sales.  On top of that, he needs to think about the repercussions from players.  Look at his current massive stars in Blake Griffin and Chris Paul.  He can’t really think that they, along with the majority of his team, are going to be willing to continue playing for the Clippers after these comments.  It is almost too much to ask of them to continue playing for someone whom dislikes them due to something they cannot control.

It almost seems like racism shouldn’t occur in the NBA, especially with African Americans.  This one race made up 76.3% of all professional basketball players as of the 2012-2013 season.  For a sport that consists mostly of African Americans, it almost seems borderline unintelligent to make these comments, whether he meant them or not.  He needs to be smarter with these things before he drives the will to exist out of a Los Angeles team that finally has taken the frontrunner spot in a city shared by the Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

Mr. Sterling, if you don’t like a certain group of people, here is a tip for you.  Keep your mouth shut.  You’ll do much better in this business called the National Basketball Association.