Coach Speak: Week 12

November 25, 2009 | Brian Billick

As many may know from my WNST appearances, in addition to my responsibility of providing color commentary during games each Sunday, I have also been hosting a special 30-minute online show for Fox called, “Coach Speak.”

So far, it’s truly been great.  Each week I’ve the opportunity to chat with a few head coaches from around the league about the most topical subjects concerning the NFL.

We’ve just uploaded the latest edition of “Coach Speak” here at

Be sure to check it out.

This current episode of “Coach Speak” features a lineup of conversations I had with Jack Del Rio, Mike Singletary, Mike Smith, and Greg Mattison, the Defensive Coordinator here in Baltimore.

The coaches and I really focused this week on the current state of wide receiver play in the league and how the expectations of the position have changed with players entering the NFL bigger, stronger, and faster.

So enjoy and check back next week for another episode of “Coach Speak.”