Coach speak

February 22, 2008 | Drew Forrester

As I sat in the WNST studio this morning and prepared to talk with Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau, it dawned on me that I’ve been extremely fortunate over the last 12 months to talk to a bunch of great head coaches in the world of sports. 

Here’s a quick thumbnail of all of the head coaches we’ve had on The Comcast Morning Show during the last year. These are in no specific order, mind you…I’m just typing the names as they come to mind:

> Bruce Boudreau, Washington Caps – Has turned the Caps around.  Sounded genuine on the air. 

> Randy Monroe, UMBC — One of the best sports stories of ’07-08 would be a UMBC trip to the tournament, led by Coach Monroe. 

> Brenda Frese, Terps — Had an enjoyable discussion with her back in late November.  Has to be considered one of the best women’s coaches in the game today.

> Eddie Jordan, Wizards — Haven’t talked to Eddie this season, but we usually grab him in March during the playoff run.  Talked to him late last season.  Good guy, it seemed.

> Brian Billick, (ex) Ravens — Always enjoyed having Brian on…gave us plenty to talk about every Monday, that’s for sure!

> Pat Kennedy, Towson — One of the best in the area right now in terms of access.  A regular visitor to the program.  Will do big things with the Towson program, rest assured. 

> Gary Williams, Terps — Haven’t had “Gary-Land” on since about this time last year, but we’ll sneak him on again soon. 

> Gordy Combs, Towson — Longtime head football coach at Towson.  Always comes in with high energy.  Loves football and loves Towson.

> Danny Kelly, Blast — Was a thorn in my side when he played against my team in the 1990’s, but now we can laugh about it.  He’s done a really good job with the Blast. 

> Don Shula, (ex) Miami Dolphins & Baltimore Colts – A legend, both in the NFL and here in Baltimore. 

> Todd Bozeman, Morgan State — Perhaps the best of the local basketball stories is right over on Hillen Rd. where Bozeman has the Bears poised to make a run in the MEAC and possibly earn a berth in the NCAA tourney.  Good stuff.

> Dennis Wolff, Boston U — Heck, we’ll talk to ANY coach, even the rival!  We had Coach Wolff on last week before the Terriers played at UMBC.  VERY enjoyable guy to talk with on the air.

> Jimmy Patsos, Loyola — Talk about high-energy!  He has the Greyhounds playing some awesome basketball in the MAAC this year.  Woof woof!!!

> Dave Pietramala, JHU — Always great to talk college lax around this time of the year and Coach P knows his stuff.

> Joe Mathews, Towson U women — The Lady Tigers have enjoyed a really strong ’07-08 campaign.  Went toe-to-toe with nationally ranked (#11) Old Dominion a week or so ago before bowing late.  Doing nice things over there.

> Oliver Purnell, Clemson — We’ll be chatting with coach Purnell next week before the Tigers and Terps meet.  He makes an annual visit to the show.  We always enjoy spending time with him to break down the MD-Clemson game.

> Fang Mitchell, Coppin State — We’ll have Fang on again in the next week or so.  It’s been a down year for Fang’s Gang, but they’ll bounce back…no doubt about that. 

> Tony Seaman, Towson — Another of the area’s outstanding college coaches, he’s done some really good things with the Tigers lacrosse program.  Good man, too.

> Charlie Toomey, Loyola — Just had Charlie on with me this week to talk about tomorrow’s big lax game between Loyola and Towson.  Need to get him on the show more.

> Paul Johnson, (ex) Navy — I remember this interview because he’s the only coach who WANTED to come on at 6:15 in the morning. 

> Don Zimmerman, UMBC — Longtime area college coach who’s always willing to come on and talk local lacrosse.

> Ralph Friedgen, Maryland — I remember all of the Fridge interviews because he’s the one coach who sounds like he DOESN’T want to be on no matter what the time.

I think that just about does it. 

I’m sure I’ll think of another one or two over the weekend.

I love to talk to coaches.

I scan that list and see every team/school in the area represented.  Ravens, Terps, Towson, Loyola, UMBC, Morgan State, Coppin State, Blast, Wizards, Caps…hell, we even talked to a couple of coaches from Boston and Clemson.

My thanks to the PR/Media people at the various teams/schools who help make the coaching interviews possible.

It’s a pleasure to work with these great professionals in the area.