Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (12/4/09)

December 04, 2009 |


Andy Behrens, Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Expert now comes on with Drew. Check out all of Andy’s advice in the audio vault.


Melanie Oudin is next up. She talks about her amazing run over the summer. She calls her streak of wins very surprising even to her. She explains that everything just came together for her at the right time. She next describes her preparation for participating in the upcoming BCF Tennis Challenge.


The coach of Monroe’s next opponent, Gene Cross not joins Drew. He is the head coach of the Toledo Rockets. Like UMBC, Cross’ team has struggled out of the gate this season. He stresses that the team needs to have more consistency, particularly on defense. The team must also work on starting games stronger, so it does not have an uphill fight each night.



Randy Monroe, coach of the UMBC basketball team makes his weekly appearance. His Retrievers will be traveling to Toledo later in the day. He starts off by talking about his team’s game against Towson earlier this week. He goes on to state that he is not concerned about his team, despite the 0-6 record. He explains that he has not allowed the team to quit. He will always see the “light at the end of the tunnel,” and maintain their competitive level.


Mike Florio of is on with Drew to talk some football. The first topic is about the possible changes to the NFL weekly schedules. The Thursday Night NFL Network games are not performing as well as hoped. Continuing on Florio talks with Drew about the financial crisis many owners are facing year in and year out. Florio also mentions changes to roster limitations. He talks about possibly allowing players placed on injured reserve to return later in the season.


Drew talks about his encounter with Steve Melewski at the Towson basketball game. He does not like the attitude of “don’t come back when the team starts winning” many seem to have. If the team improves, it would make sense for more people to go to games.