Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/1/09)

October 01, 2009 |


Sean McManus, the President of CBS and son of Jim McKay, is next up. McManus speaks about how the Maryland Millions Day was name after his father this year. He describes McKay’s love for horse racing above all other sports. He next talks about the television deals in place with the NFL. CBS has extended its contact so it will now carry games for the next five years. He explains that the NFL is the most important partner for TV networks. He also talks about the impact of the NFL Network on the television market. He states that the channel is just one more competitor and has not been given an unfair advantage.


The next guest is Clemson Football Head Coach, Dabo Swinney. The Tigers will play the Terps at Byrd Stadium this Saturday. He starts off by talking about how neither team has had the start it was looking for. He also talks about the high expectations placed on the team at Clemson. He states that the coaching seat is hot, regardless of wins or losses. 


Brian Billick is up with his weekly segment. He starts off by talking about the relief that the Lions organization felt after their win over the Redskins this past weekend. He next describes what goes on in a post-gamehandshake after a blowout win or loss. He states that usually nothing of meaning is said. Billick also talks about former NFL coaches moving into broadcasting. He explains that different personalities are better fits for certain roles, whether it is announcing, pre-game, or highlight shows.