Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/15/09)

October 15, 2009 |


Former Oriole and current New York Yankee Jerry Hairston is the next guest. He describes the feeling he had when he played in his first ever playoff series. He compares the atmosphere in Yankee Stadium to that of Chicago when Michael Jordan made a game-winning shot. He appreciates how intense the fans are in New York. Finally, he talks about how he enjoyed his time in Baltimore. He states that Baltimore was a great baseball town, and it appears the team may soon bring that status back with all of the young talent. Despite being a Yankee, Hairston states that when he saw how Yankee fans took over Camden Yards, he felt some sadness.



Visanthe Shiancoe, Vikings tight end, former Morgan State Bear, and Maryland native talks with Drew. He talks about his experience playing with Brett Favre explains that the entire team has confidence that Favre will find the open receiver. He next describes how the Vikings offense has great balance and that is what makes it most difficult for defenses to stop. Shiancoe also explains how the coaching staff and the players have prepared the team to make sure it will not peak too early. He believes the Vikings are still far from reaching their potential.

I would post a picture of Shiancoe, but I’ll let you do the google image search for yourself.


Another call brings up how the next few teams have very strong quarterbacks. He talks about how this could be a problem for the defense, considering the struggles against Phillip Rivers, Tom Brady, and Carson Palmer. The discussion moves to how the team needs to better establish its running game in order to let the passing attack work properly.


A caller tries to come up with a solution to the problems the Ravens have this year that they did not have last season. He mentions the loss of Lorenzo Neal. This has limited the “three-headed monster” monster in the offensive backfield.


Drew reminds us that the Ravens started off 2-3 last season. He believes that many fans have overreacted to the loss to the Bengals.


David Koehn, the play-by-play voice of the Virginia Cavaliers comes on to talk about the team before its game against Maryland this weekend. He talks about Virginia’s win over North Carolina. He points out that this could be a turning point in the season. He talks about how the Cavaliers have recently had success throwing the ball. This could continue against a banged up Maryland secondary. Koehn calls the passing defense of Virginia one of the strengths of the team. However, he describes how it is difficult to prepare for an offense, like Maryland’s, that is so inconsistent.


Brian Billick comes on talk about football and the Ravens. This week, Brian will call the Arizona-Seattle matchup. Brian starts off by talking about the trend in the league toward passing offenses. He believes that many teams are vulnerablebecauseof their lack of ability to run the ball. He gives the Bengals as an example of a team that has good balance. The addition of Cedric Benson has allowed Carson Palmer to open up the offense more. Brian moves on to the parity in the league this year. He believes he has never seen a year in which all the teams in the middle of the league are very even. Next, Brian talks about how to deal with the referees when the team believes it has been the victim of some questionable calls. He explains that the players cannot use the officials as an excuse. Brian finishes by talking about the Denver Broncos. He states that if a team has confidence and momentum, as the Broncos do, it will help them on the field.


A caller takes a cheap shot at Ozzie Newsome. He believes that the team has made some poor personnel choices while making the roster this season. He talks about the loss of Jim Leonhard and the signing of an unhealthy Samari Rolle.



Glenn leads off “Cheap Shots from the Bleachers” by calling out fans who root for different college teams for different sports. He does not value the opinion of fans like this. He states that if you are going to be a fan you must root for every single sport at a school.

Drew follows that up with a cheap shot at the great Ray Lewis. He explains that Ray needs to be accessible to the media after a loss. He says that Ray should not make excuses about the officiating or being emotional, and instead own up to any mistakes he made. He finishes up by stating that this is both a fact and a low blow.


The newest Raven David Tyree is up early and on with Drew. Tyree explains how excited he is to have an opportunity here in Baltimore. He goes on to talk about how he welcomes making an immediate impact on special teams. He also talks about his amazing catch in the 4th quarter of the Superbowl 2 years ago.