Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/22/09)

October 22, 2009 |


Sean Salisbury is next up to talk about the NFL. He talks about how the Radiers’ win over the Eagles shows that no NFL is an automatic win. He also talks about the big win the Texans had over the Bengals. The Texans are a team that could make a strong playoff run. Next, Sean explains how the Titans subconsciously gave up during the game on Sunday. Sean states that Josh McDaniels made some great moves this offseason that has allowed the Broncos to be where they are this season. To finish up, Sean picks the Steelers to defeat the Vikings this weekend.


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Heather Dinich, who covers the ACC for ESPN is the next guest. She starts off by stating the this may be Bobby Bowden’s last season in Tallahassee because many boosters are not pleased with the team’s results. In regards to Maryland, Dinich believes that the team needs to get more young players ready for the future. She also weighs in on the John Turner-Debbie Yow controversy. She states that Debbie Yow has done a great job considering the situation she inherited. She next talks about the rise of the football programs at UNC and Duke. She has picked the Blue Devils to beat the Terps. In regards to James Franklin, Dinich thinks that the “coach-in-waiting” idea does not work for most teams that use it.


Amy Fadool from Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia is on to chat with Drew. She talks about how the Phillies were able to play very well in the playoffs, despite some struggles late in the regular season. She next explains how the Phillies are built similar to American League teams. This is partly due to manager Charlie Manuel’s experience in the American League. She also previews the team’s likely upcoming series with the Yankees. She says the New York fans may have an impact on some of the games.



Lou calls in with a cheap shot. He calls out baseball players for constantly spitting. This problem is magnified by HDTVs. He says that this has become a part of baseball culture and should be fixed. Another caller takes a cheap shot at John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome. He believes that Harbaugh was unfair to Chris McAlister. If McAlisterwas able to get healthy, he could have possibly helped the struggling secondary. Another caller defends Harbaugh’s actions regarding McAlister. He explains that McAlister did not show any respect to the new coaching staff last season. He also points out that no other team has expressed much interest in signing the cornerback.  


Brian Billick comes on with Drew, as he does each Thursday. Brian states that too much blame is being placed on Defensive Coordinator Gregg Mattison. He explains that Mattison is in a dilemma because of the talent level in the secondary. Brian next talks about how the league is trending toward using big, physical receivers. He also talks about how impressed he was with Joe Flacco’s performance under pressure in the final quarter of the game this past weekend. He next talks about the importance of the bye week. He explains that it is very difficult to make any major changes during only one week. Only minor adjustments are common. In the Ravens’ case, Brian thinks the team should protect more against the big play, even if it means giving up longer sustained drives. The team is currently ranked 26th in the league in giving up big plays.



Glenn takes a “Cheap Shot From the Bleachers” by taking a shot at John Turner. After Turner made this message board post, he made local headlines. When Glenn tried to reach out to Turner and have him on the show this morning to explain his comments he declined. Glenn explains that Turner needs to take responsibility for his comments and not place extra pressure on his son or the Maryland football team.