Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/27/09)

October 27, 2009 |


Jerry Hairston is next up with Drew to talk about the upcoming Series. He talks about how his career had taken some unexpected turns. He talks about how he dreamed of playing in the World Series as a child. He also speaks on Alex Rodriguez. He explains how A-Rod has stepped up this postseason and reversed his usual struggles. Finally, Hairston states the importance of having CC Sabathia start Game 1. He jokes that CC would start every game if he was allowed to.


Another caller talks about the Brooks Robinson celebration. He talks about the lack of current Orioles. He also mentions how Peter Angelos did not make an appearance. Drew puts out the idea of having the team pay to bring in some of the current players.


Drew pitches his idea for the new Chicago Bears logo to Nestor. (The wind. Remember?) He isn’t a fan of the idea. He and Drew next talk about players who have been “overlooked” and their motivation.  


A few callers talk about the Brooks Robinson event. They agree that the event went well and was a good celebration. One caller, who states that he is 28 years old, is upset that no current Orioles were present. He would like to be able to identify with players in his generation. 


Ken Singleton comes on to talk with Drew and Nestor. Singleton currently is an announcer on the YES Network. He talks about the high-priced additions that Yankees made this offseason. Both Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia have made huge contributions during the postseason. He moves on to how the Yankees will matchup with the Phillies. The Phillies have a very high-powered offense that can keep pace with the Yankees. Singleton next describes the evolution of Pedro Martinez’s game. Now that he can no longer throw has hard, Pedro has changed the way he has pitched.



Nestor is in studio an starts to talk with Drew about the Phillies. Nestor has decided to root for the Yankees in the World Series due to his dislike for the Philadelphia fans. He also talks about the ceremony honoring Brooks Robinson last night. He reveals that no current Orioles were present at the event. He calls this “disgraceful.” He compares this to the Ravens. Ravens players often will show up to charity events in the area.



Patrick Stevens from the Washington Times comes on to talk about the Terps. He starts off by stating that while Chris Turner is not the team’s biggest problem, it may be time to look to the future. He explains that the team should take a look at Jamar Robinson because it is not worth burning a freshman’s redshirt for only a few games. He goes on to talk about the idea that the team just does not have enough talent to compete. This is the simplest explanation, and in this case probably the correct one. Stevens does not believe the team will take any major actions during its bye week, partly because of the injuries to key players.


Moving on to basketball, Stevens says that Gary Williams seems much more excited for this season than he normally does. Stevens states that Maryland could rise to the top of the middle-of-the-pack ACC teams.



The Comcast Morning Show is starting a contest this morning. Callers are able to call in and be selected for either a player or the outcome of the World Series. If the player wins the MVP Award or the series ends up in that way, the caller will win a “special fall package.”