Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/30/09)

October 30, 2009 |


Andy Behrens is on to give his weekly fantasy advice. Make sure you check out Andy’s blog to get his in-depth fantasy analysis and positional rankings.


Yet another caller is on and guarantees a Ravens’ win as well. He will sing with Drew on Monday if the team loses. He also signs “Score, Ravens, Score” for us.


Another caller states that the Broncos game is a “must win.” This is because of the “can’t win” games on the schedule. He explains that there is no way the Ravens will defeat the Colts this season.


A fan calls in to talk about the Orioles’ decision to decline the option on Melvin Mora. He believes the team made the correct decision in this case. He also expresses his concern regarding the Ravens game this weekend. He does not see how the secondary can contain the Broncos’ passing game.


Drew guarantees a Ravens win on Sunday. If they lose he will sing the Broncos’ fight song on Monday morning.


Broncos sideline reporter Alan Roach is next up to talk about the Ravens-Broncos game. He explains that the Broncos are winning using a simple style of football. Kyle Orton has thrown only one interception this season and it occurred on a Hail Mary pass. The Broncos also have used all of their offseason acquisition, including Mike Nolan to improved the defense. He next talks about how Josh McDaniels has had the perfect start for a rookie head coach. It began with the last second win over the Bengals in Week 1.  Roach next brings up Brandon Marshall who is a big, strong, and physical wide receiver and could present a huge matchup problem for the Ravens secondary.



Mike Florio of is on with Drew. He begins by discussing the rumors about the sale of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It appears that these are just that, rumors. He next talks about the Vikings-Packers game. He states that Brett Favre must keep his emotions in check if the Vikings want to win the game. Florio moves on to how the AFC has many teams with middle-of-the-road records this season. He explains that this is normally the case in the NFC, but not this year. He states that the Ravens have the best chance to break out from this group of teams. Florio next describes Vince Young’s situation. Young has gone down a very odd path. His career was derailed one afternoon and he is finally being given the chance.  



It’s time for Cheap Shots from the Bleachers. Glenn starts off by bring up how Hereford High School was cost the Boys’ Cross Country County Championship because of the stitching on one of the runner’s undergarments. The runner finished in fourth place and his disqualification dropped the Bulls into second behind Towson (my school by the way). Glenn states that the officials should tell the runners that they have uniform violations before the race begins. He goes on to say that regardless of the rule, a student should not have to run the race and then be disqualified. Drew also had planned to take a cheap shot about the same event. He adds on that some schools were told that runners had uniform violations. He explains that common sense would make sure that a team is not penalized if it was not checked prior to the race while other teams were.


A caller brings up the idea of Peter Angelos moving the Orioles to another city. He agrees with Drew that if the city was promised a new team in a few years (like the Browns) it would be fine. The caller puts some blame on the politicians of the city for not putting pressure on Angelos to field a quality team.