Comcast Morning Show Live Blog (10/7/09)

October 07, 2009 |


Willie Anderson is next up. He talks about his decision to retire after last season. He states that he believed his body needed a break and he could not go through an entire season. He has not ruled out a return to football and believes he could return to the Ravens in the future, if the team needs him. He next talks about Jared Gaither and his physical tools. He gives credit to Ozzie Newsome for continuously finding players like Gaither that other teams have passed on.  


Senior writer Vic Carucci makes an appearance. he begins by discussing the trade of Braylon Edwards to the Jets. He thinks that Edwards’ personality will fit better with Rex Ryan than Eric Mangini. The different attitude may allow Edwards to better focus on games. Carucci next talks about how Bill Belichick is able to assemble different players to form strong teams each season. He states that the Denver Broncos have a legitimate defense and compares their team to the 2000 Ravens. He next speaks about the disappointing results for the Sand Diego Chargers this season. He explains they have struggled defensively, especially with the loss of Jamal Williams, and have no playmakers on that side of the ball.    


Joe Trainer, coach of Towson’s next opponent Rhode Island is next up on the Comcast Morning Show. he starts off by discussing how strong the CAA is as a conference this season. He goes on to talk about how his program and Towson are in very similar situations. Both teams are in a rebuilding mode, have the same record, and have played a BCS school this year. He talks about the week-to-week process of building up a team. He states that he must maintain an even keel as coach of a team in this situation.  


Joe Beninati, play-by-play voice of the Capitals makes an appearance. Drew describes how Beninati “broke his heart” with his call of the Flyers’ game winning goal. He also speaks about how the Capitals have fared so far this season. He describes how Semyon Varmalov has struggles this season, but should still be a solid goalie in the future.


Allen McCallum comes on to talk about the end of the Orioles season. He describes how his excitement for next season is much greater than in any recent season. He states that Chone Figgins should be a priority for the team this offseason. He also believes that team should overpay for Jason Bay. This addition would allow the team to move either Nolan Reimold or Luke Scott to first base or to another team.  Allen next argues with Drew about the strategy the team should take moving forward. He thinks the team should try and let the young talent develop rather than buy high-priced free agents when the team is not yet ready to win. He states that Wieters, Matusz, Bergesen, Markakis, and Roberts are the only Orioles who are untouchable in trades.


Some Breaking News: Braylon Edwards has been traded to the Jets.


A caller talks to Drew about the future of the Orioles in comparison to the Twins. Drew points out that since the Orioles play in the American League East they must do more to become competitive than if they were members of the AL Central.


Rob Ambrose makes an early appearance on the show. He talks about the Tigers’ loss to New Hampshire this past weekend. He stresses that the team will not transfer into a contender overnight and the team and fans must not forget the ultimate goal. He also speaks about his individual interactions with players during the game.

Early this morning there was a great deal of discussion on the death of former Ravens Tony Fein.  

Drew and Glenn also spoke about the possibility of DC United moving to play in a new stadium in Baltimore. Drew believes the city should wait until a new arena is built before moving on to a soccer stadium. On the other hand, Glenn thinks that if possible a stadium should be added first.

Drew also seems to be very angry about the result of the Capitals-Flyers game